Hurry, Help! Extra credit homework brain twister!

  1. For reference, last weeks was 366 = D in LY. (366= Days in Last Year)

    This weeks is

    12 = N on C

    Any ideas? My PHH and DS tried forever last night and couldn't come up with anything. I even did a google search with no luck.

    Thanks! :tup:
  2. 12= Numbers on a Clock?
  3. Yeah, it's 12 numbers on a clock

    Oh, and the first one is 366 days in a Leap Year.
  4. Yessss!! ^ You both got it!
  5. Boy you guys are GOOD! :yahoo:

    I thank you and my DS thanks you. :yes:
  6. :biguns::lol:
  7. Geniuses! :yucky: