Hurry Gryson at NM! 25% off

  1. Gone! It pops up once in a while, at an amazing price!
  2. There are Gryson small bags available in Nordstrom Rack at Sarotoga,CA for less than $150 (originally$500 something)).I also saw one big bag for about $250 I think. Sorry I do not know the names of these bags .The colors I saw in small were ,white(was pretty),black, blue.There were atleast 5 bags yesterday late evening!!
  3. This bag was an additional percentage off at Bloomingdales/Century City. I believe it was in a brown color. Came out to a similar price, around $350. It was there yesterday.
  4. i called a Nordstroms rack the other day in VA they had a choco skye for $175 but it may be gone now, and they dont ship i dont think :sad: but yea :smile:
  5. I didn't know she (gryson) was chinese till I saw a pic of her.
  6. She is not Chinese, she was adopted from Korea as a toddler. :yes:
  7. THANK YOU for posting this!
    I just called them and got a Blue Jean Skye for $184.99 :nuts:
    Did I need a Blue Jean Skye?? :p Well, that's another issue all together. :shame:
  8. Will they ship to you?
  9. In my case, I dodn't need to ask, but my Olivia was shipped to me from Nordstroms in another state so I don't see why they wouldn't :shrugs:
  10. Sorry I'm not familiar with the "this leather tote" variety! :upsidedown: :roflmfao: :upsidedown:
  11. I was checking the clearance on NM today and I got this Ava Satchel in Khaki. It's still showing as "in process" so we'll see if it goes through: