Hurry! E-Lux has Dentelle Speedy's! and Bubble Line!

  1. I just was able to get my order in for the Dentelle Speedy (gold)...and a 2 pairs of bubble earrings!

    If you are wanting any of these...HURRY...they are there right NOW!
  2. and they have Inclusion pieces!!!! Very exciting, too bad I can't spend any more money, I would love to have an Inclusion bracelet.
  3. Thanks! I have the silver speedy in my cart but I want the clear earrings and only see raspberry - what colors did you get or see?
  4. :nuts:
  5. thanks for posting!!!

    i've seen the dentelle speedy and BH pop up recently... they seem to be in and out of stock often... so just keep checking!

    the bubble rings and earrings are so cute, but i've been wanting a clear inclusion bracelet for awhile now (and i can't afford them all)... so that's what i'm gonna get! yay!!!
  6. wow.
  7. I believe you get a pair of raspberry and a pair of pale pink
  8. I just purchased a Pomme PM bracelet...even though I already have one! :nuts: The PM I have is the smaller wrist-sized one, so I'm hoping the one I ordered from eluxury is the regular size! :yes:
  9. I Love it when you stumble onto E-Lux just at the right time. Anyone know how long the stuff will stay in your cart???

    I'm waiting for my hubby to get home so I can order with his Credit Card (I don't have one) I keep checking back to be sure the stuff is still in my cart...
  10. That's amazing, they have so much stuff in!
  11. They also have the Pastilles phone charm and Jack/Lucie keychain :smile:
  12. Not seeing the Dentelle :crybaby:
  13. The Dentelle Speedy is still available in Silver
  14. I love this site, I never knew about the Earings only the bags (New to LV) .... I am going to look at them now at E-Lux... You girls are the best ......
  15. newbie here -- what other colors besides silver does it come in?