Hurry !!!!! Chloe Paddington Satchel @ 50% off on NM

  1. Gone!
  2. WOW! whoever got that got a great deal! which color was it?
  3. Lucky person!
  4. I think it was from 06....argent
  5. gone
  6. Thanks. Beautiful bag! I have five Chloe's but no metallic-how does the leather hold up? I've seen 'previously owned' metallics on eBay and have noticed fading on handles. Would that be considered normal wear?
  7. It was Argent (light silver).

    I cant believe how fast these bags go ! It almost like they are giving it away for free or something when it actually costs as much as a roundtrip to Paris !!
  8. Oh I'm so sad that would've been awesome! Congrats to whoever got that deal *sniff* :sad:
  9. wow....its totally gorgeous.....wish i could afford a new one
  10. Wow.. beautiful color.. so sad it's gone..
  11. Ugh! These posting are killing me -- missed it again!
  12. So beatiful! I have been trying to get this bag for months. I am so sad it's gone.
  13. I'll probably ruffle some feathers but I'm no fan of metallics or silver locks. It's beautiful though.