Hurry Barney's gone wild!! $$250 for CL!!

  1. :yahoo:[​IMG]
    I'm so excited this is my sixth one for this week!! Gosh seriously I'am hooked and I admit I'm addicted!!! well in case you girls are wondering all of 'em were on sale!! I actually woke up really early on Wed. for the Saks sale and I'm telling you it was worth it!!!all the shoes I bought were all under $250!! except for the CL Come ankle boot but still it was a steal!!! :tup:

    I will post pictures once I receive my Criss vamp pigalle and Come ankle boot [​IMG]
  2. Wow!! Sounds like you got your hands on some amazing deals!!:tup: Congrats!!:yahoo: Can't wait to see pics!
  3. can't wait to see ur pics! congrats!
  4. Are they online, as well?
  5. Congrats! I just got a pair of ballet wedges from Barney's. They are on sale for $270 I think. I hope they are more comfortable than the flats.
  6. they were at 2:30PST morning! hurry they might have it still:woohoo:
  7. i got the cynthia wedges in navy for $260 in store! I wore them last night and i am in love, so comfy.
  8. I also got the cynthia wedges but in leopard. I wore them on christmas day...comfy! $265 Barneys...great price...
  9. I just love all the after christmas sale!
  10. Congrats. Looking forward to seeing your pics.