Hurry!! Azur 25 and 30 on eluxury

  1. Hey everyone! I've been a member of this forum for over 6 months now. After thousands of hours lurking here, I'm finally making my first post:woohoo:

    Just thought I'd let everyone know about the azur speedies. I would buy one myself, but I'm getting a white MC lodge PM in about a week:drool:

    BTW, I'm very happy that I found people as crazy about LV as I am!
  2. thanks but it already says "out of stock". too bad! but thanks for posting! :smile:
  3. I currently have a Azur Speedy 30 in my cart if anyone is interested. :yes:
  4. bump.

    Azur Speedy 25 available right now...

    elux is being sneaky placing Azur accessories and Speedy's late late late at night..................
  5. And 30!!!
  6. Thanks. Only the 30 is left right now. I'm still looking for the 25.
  7. If your still on let me know I have one in my cart and I'll release it
  8. released it- I hope a tpf member got it-
  9. Missed it. It was there, I clicked on it, then my cart said our of stock! Thanks anyway.