Hurry! Anyone wants a Silverado Hobo??

  1. lovely - hope someone gets her soon
  2. Grab it girls ........
    I've heard Silverado is done ???
  3. It's gone now....:sad: Hope a TPFer got it!!
  4. It it gone? The page claims its still available but I guess they have not updated it.
  5. Valley Fair Nordstrom had one 2 days ago too. In a darker color. It was about half off.
  6. Hmm, it's back up again now. Problems with the NM site again, I guess?
  7. It's available again. I'd order thru online assistance or simply call ASAP.

    Good luck!
  8. I got it, can't wait to see it, thanks !
  9. LaLa06: What color did you get, chocolate or hazelnut?
  10. Hazelnut, i want a lighter color one this time
  11. Congrats!
  12. Lala06: Sounds delicious! I already have a Paddington in a similar color, so I went for the chocolate which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Funny thing is that I absolutely love chcolate with hazelnuts, to eat, that is.