hurricane....leave LV behind?!

  1. NO WAY!!! we might have to evacuate in a few days.... :crybaby: we had pretty bad damage to our house and business a few years ago...we stayed right here all through 4 hurricanes - it was SCARY! we were out of power total of 2 weeks or food, no stores were open....
    now we have a baby too, so we might have to haul!! taking two of our doggies (labs!) too.:smile:

    we have very little room in our car....might take 2 cars, but i didn't wanna leave my LVs i had to put them together *just in case* and took FAMILY pics! :nuts: :heart: now they are put together tight and ready to go!
    11sophia.jpg 8sophia.jpg 1sophia.jpg sophia4.jpg sophia1.jpg
  2. I'd take them with me... I took my wallets with me when the hurricane hit TX, but luckily it didn't hit that hard...
  3. OMG. please take care and be safe. you have such a great attitude about the hurricane and the evacuation. i myself would be freaking out!

    good luck.

    ps: take them with you!
  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with u! AND HELLZ NO dont leave the LV behind! LMAO! but seriously stay safe hopefully it wont hit at all or be that bad, BTW Ur daughter is gorgeous!
  5. OMG is this that bastard Ernesto?? Please be safe and keep your loved ones close. That's worth mountains over any LV. Take what you can and please let us know how you're doing!
  6. Omg, be careful and I wish for your family's safety at a time like this. :flowers: And do take all your LVs with ya! If you want, mail them to me for some safe keeping. :graucho:
  7. I'd take them with me! Rent a Uhaul trailor to hang on to your car if you have to!! And be safe. We're all thinking of the people in that area
  8. oh God! please take care.. and btw, looks like your baby is also ready to leave... adorable....
  9. I think you should take them with you.. Just pack the smaller bags inside the bigger bags etc. so that they take up the least space possible. Or else you should at least bring the most expensive and limited edition bags, like the cerises speedy and stuff.
  10. OMG!! scary. please be safe. my prayers are with you and your fam. don't forget food, water, and a radio. :yes: i'd do the same thing though. matter of fact, i keep my jewelry and bags organized and handy in case of tsunami! :supacool:

    otherwise though, beautiful collection! and any excuse to have LVs and babies in the same photo is a good one right? right? :flowers:
  11. Be safe, our thoughts are with you.
  12. omg:wtf: please be safe...I will pray for you :yes: good luck
  13. Stay safe. if we learned anthing from katrina it was that if we are told to evacuate, we evacuate. take care pack up your bags and take care of that beautiful little girl
  14. Stay safe and I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Definitely take th LV's if you're able to take them.

    PS You have a great collection. Very nice.
  15. Be Careful
    God Bless You