Hurray! Pics of my new ROUGE VIF City

  1. First of all..... :yahoo:

    The lovely Deana helped to re-ship the Rouge Vif City I purchased from Barney's NY.... allll the way to Australia!

    I bought it 'blind', so it was a huge relief to see that the leather was thick and soft, unlike the horrid thin/shiny/veiny leather of late. The color is just STUNNING - it's vibrant like the Magenta but will go better with my wardrobe as I have heaps of red clothes.

    Here she is! I brought her to work and took photos of myself carrying the bag.. much to my colleague's utter amusement :lol:

    (you can see larger sized photos here: BEVERLY!)
    BredCityTilt1Sm.jpg BredCityhangSm.jpg BredCityBev1.jpg BredCityBev2.jpg BredCityBev3.jpg
  2. Absolutely Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Utterly gorgeous! Congrats! :yahoo:
  4. Stunning!!!! That bag was made for you!
  5. wonderful, it suits you very well!
  6. Wow! It's yet another gorgeous Rouge VIF. The City style is perfect for you, you wear it well! Congratulations.
  7. Beverly -- !!! You have excellent taste/style! I love how the bag just "pops" against your outfit. So fabulous. It's the perfect size!
  8. It's gorgeous!! I want it!
  9. You look gorgeous with the bag!! I've been debating on whether to get a Rouge vif myself, and now you've helped me made me my mind :smile: Rouge Vif here I come!!!
  10. Yay for you Beverly! Rouge is another color on my want list, lol.
  11. Beautiful!!!
  12. Oh it's beautiful! Deana's an absolute sweetheart! =)
  13. looks fantastic with your outfit! congrats!
  14. WOW Beverly ..... GOOOOORGEOUS :nuts: :yahoo: - congratulations to this fantastic Rouge Vif :flowers: - it looks amazing on you :yes: :love: ! Enjoy it :smile:
  15. :yahoo: BEAUTIFUL :yes: and it looks great on you. Congratulations.