Hurray for new bbags!!!

  1. Hey everyone!!! I have been dying to post about my new bbags. I got a marine day on the 15th and just got my gorgeous magenta box in the mail on Monday from a very lovely PFer!!!! I :heart: them!!! For reference I am 5'3.
    marine day1.jpg marine day2.jpg marine day shoulder.jpg magenta box.jpg magenta box arm.jpg
  2. Haha, Those are also my little doggies in the pics too. They were excited about the new bags too.
  3. Very vERY CUTE..!!! Both bags look amazing on you! ConGRATS.. your doggies are cute t:huh: :tup:
  4. WOW WOW WOW!! Beautiful bags and adorable little poochies!!
  5. You are a doll! Love em' both on you!
  6. Yay
  7. Oh wow congrats!They are so beautiful!
  8. I love both of those bags! Wow, great week for you. They look amazing - thanks for the modeling pictures!
  9. drooolll magenta box... so gorgeous!
  10. Thanks ladies!! I love the day style, it is so practical and it is very comfy to wear on the shoulder. I wasn't sure if I would love magenta but I was like :nuts: when I opened up the dust bag.
  11. Oh wow they are both beautiful! I think they both look great on you ! Congrats
  12. They are both great bags, but the magenta box looks just perfect on you!
  13. aaaaaaaaw those cute little puppies!!!

    btw the bags are gorgeous.
  14. Hot bags! Congrats!!!
  15. Magneta Box is pretty.Congrats on both bags