^^ Hurray for my new MULBERRY !! ^^

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  1. Today i just debut my Bayswater Clutch and i bring my 2 kids to the shopping mall.
    As i promise, here's my 7yrs old son took the modelling pics for me:


    My little princess with me.. :biggrin:
  2. It looks very nice on you. Congratulations a beautiful bag.
  3. Lovely pics LuvTare. Is it holding up okay in your climate ?

    Love that you have trained the wee one to take pics. It beats standing on one leg, looking in a mirror, trying to take a pic with a mobile phone with one hand:biggrin:

  4. :lolots:You painted an interesting picture. I would fall over myself if tried standing on one leg looking in the mirror, not to mention trying to take a picture with a moble phone.
  5. Corries2, so far so good. I love this Clutch very much! :biggrin:

    LOL, it's funny .. :lol:
    Btw, my 2 kids always love to take pics and the result not bad too. :P
  6. That's a gorgeous bag LuvTare, it really suits you!

    And your little girl - what a cutie! :biggrin:
  7. lovely pictures gorgeous bag
  8. Thanks for the action pics LuvTare, it looks fantastic on you!
  9. Luvtare, it really suits you!
  10. Love the understated elegance of this bag! Congrats!
  11. Really suits you! Beautiful bag!
  12. It looks absolutely stunning on you,congratultions. Your little girl is so cute and well done to your son for taking such good pictures! :biggrin:
  13. Love your new clutch Luvtare. Fab. Really tempted by one of these. Enjoy.
  14. Thank you everyone, this is my 1st suede bag and it's really holds well.
    I've carried my Bays Clutch for these 2 days and i got a lots of the compliments too. I just love it! ;)
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