^^ Hurray for my new MULBERRY !! ^^

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  1. Thanks Slowhand, no the picture was taken by her older sister with a normal digital camera. They enjoy making pictures from each other sometimes.
  2. Congrats Luvtare , thanks for the pics .
  3. Ahhh I love this colour suede - you are so lucky!! Your modelling pics are great too! Congratulations!! :yahoo:
  4. Thank you everyone! :biggrin:

    I'm busy with my kids exam and didn't debut it yet.
    Still thinking whether should i find the matching boots as well.

    It's a lovely clutch and i will take some outdoor modelling pics once i debut it. ;)
  5. Oh wow - the matching boots would look amazing!! Im so jealous now :P
  6. congratulations it really looks fab on you, I love the size of this bag.
  7. Sorry I'm late to this thread but I really, really love this bag. I've seen (and tried) it irl and I love it but I don't think I would ever have occasion to use it.

    It looks fantastic on you. I'd be interested to hear how you get on with it.

    I love the 'door gifts' you were given at the store too - how lovely.
  8. congrats!!!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Thank you! It's a lovely bag and i still haven't debut it..
    This week is a exam week for my son, quite busy with him..
    I hope this weekend have chance to debut it.. ;)
  11. Thanks UFC and hi beljwl, you're here too! :biggrin:
  12. oooooh I adore your beautiful grey clutch. Stunning. Bet you cannot wait to use it :biggrin:
  13. Good luck with your sons exams ...!!

    Are you going to get the boots then? OMG I so wish my legs were slim enough to get those .. :drool:
  14. Very NICE!! :biggrin:

    Congrats on your gorgeous goodie bag! :woohoo:
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    LMM, i can't find any boots to match with my Bays Clutch. I'll keep searching it! ;)

    This is the Suede Bayswater Clutch protector from Collonil NanoPro: