^^ Hurray for my new MULBERRY !! ^^

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  1. oooo, another reveal....what's inside the bag?
  2. Ooh - what is it....I love live reveals :nuts:
  3. so many reveals at the moment - i'm loving it :biggrin:
  4. is it a clutch??
  5. a live reveal, and of course i have to run out in 5 minutes and do the dishes after my baking first!!

    I'll place the computer in the kitchen!

    hurry please :biggrin:
  6. 1st pic:

  7. Right in time!! Come on, show us!
  8. Yes, tireebabe you're so clever ! ;)
  9. I think most of you know what it is.. :graucho:

    Tada, my Suede Bayswater Clutch in Grey colour !! :yahoo:
    The blue metallic leather it's darker colour IRL and this suede clutch is TDF!

    Sorry, i can't capture the great pics.. It's really pretty IRL.. :dothewave:

  10. Wow, absolutely beautiful. I LOVE it!!!
  11. Here's the close up & interior pics:


  12. Oh wow, that is gorgeous. I absolutely love it.
  13. is it the large size?
  14. Thanks bagcrazy123 & tireebabe! :biggrin:

    My local boutique didn't carry the small bays clutch, it's the larger one.. ;)