Hurray! Another poll to help me spend my money!


Yay! Another poll to spend Stylefly's money!

  1. French Blue Twiggy

  2. Vert Gazon GH Brief

  3. French Blue GH Day

  4. Vert Gazon GH Day

  5. French Blue GH Brief

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  1. I know you all really can't have anything better to do than answer my polls, right:p ?
    Well, bag ban is now a distant memory and I am feeling the need to make up for lost time...
    I really want to expand my styles as I seem to only own Cities and Firsts (with the exception of one each of Day, Work *eventually, when Fedex delivers it by donkey or whatever another week from now*, and Mini-Classique.
    I really want to have one of the fantastic bright colours but I am also starting to gravitate to the Giant hardware, which I never thought I would. I am almost 5'5", usually wear flats, blonde. I wear light colours in summer and lots of dresses, and dark clothes (mostly turtlenecks) and boots in winter. I'd love to hav a year-round style/colour but it's not the deciding factor.
    I don't know if the Brief is too big for me, and whether the GH will be too heavy. I've never owned a Twiggy and am not sure how it would look.
    Please help me decide, this is IT until Fall or later!
  2. French Blue Twiggy!!!
  3. i voted for fb twiggy, i love the twiggy style and it's really different from all the other bags. FB is my fav color, just love how it pops and the richness of the color.
  4. I love the VG with GH! I think you are tall enough for the Brief (I'm not :sad: ) so I pick that one!!
  5. FB GH Day.:yahoo:
  6. VG GH Day :yes: :nuts: Stunning!
  7. Vert Gazon GH Day!!!
  8. FB Twiggy! :heart:
  9. FB Day! The hardware does add on some weight, but I feel that the Day style distributes weight best :yes: I stuff my Day silly and it's still confortable and doesn't leave my back sore.
    Plus, we've seen tons of Vert Gazon GH Days, so dare to be different with French Blue ;)
  10. i vote for Vert Gazon GH Brief
  11. FB Twiggeeeeeeeeeee
  12. I saw french blue the other day and it was to die for..
    so color
    definitely french blue
    I'm leaning towards day :yes:
  13. French Blue twiggy because that is what I would like to buy myself if I could!
  14. I can't decide, can I say none of the above? :p The GH makes it much heavier, significantly heavier. The white City with GH was so beautiful but the weight was too much for me. On the new Hobo style it's not heavy. I think Verte Gazon in the new Hobo or Verte Gazon in a Twiggy if you have narrowed it down to those 2 colors. Have you considered aquamarine with GH? I think aquarmaine and Verte Gazon are gorgeous with the GH.
  15. Vert Gazon Day with GH! :yes: