hurrah for wonderful days!!

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  1. i adore those days where you wake up and everything just works. your hair does what you want, your makeup looks good, your clothes fit nicely, you just feel GOOD...nay...FABULOUS. :heart::yahoo::heart:

    technically i'm sure i don't look any different than usual....i wonder what causes these. i'm sure it's because my friends are in town and it's b-e-a-yooo-tiful's my brother's birthday and one of my dearest friends is getting married tomorrow....i love days where life just works. :biggrin:

    this is so rare for me...i always try hard to look/feel happy, but really wonderful days are a little scarce. i wish i could bottle it and carry it around with me...but then i guess it wouldn't be as special. i hope the rest of you ladies are feeling as blessed as i am today.

    ok. done with the sugar now. hope i didn't make your teeth hurt. :biggrin: :angel:
  2. I am happy some one is having a good day...Mine isnt going so well... But it is pretty nice outside... maybe things will be better once I leave work....:yes:
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