Hurrah and Thank You!

  1. Just wanted to say a huge thank you:idea: to everyone who advised me on my recent eBay debacle with the non-arriving phone and the seller's subsequent lies in his feedback. I heard today that the claim has been decided in my favour and although I am still £90 down on what I lost, I have recovered £105 from paypal which makes me feel a bit better.

    The eBay dispute (I began an eBay dispute after the Paypal claim) is still open but I noticed last week the seller is no longer registered with Ebay so I doubt much will come of that.

    I have learned painful lessons from this experience, but also one very happy lesson, namely what an informative and supportive environment this forum provides, much more so than the Ebay forum/message boards.

    Thank you!
  2. Good to hear that you are happy with the outcome!! Some of your money back is definitely better than nothing! :smile: Why weren't you able to get all of it back? The seller didn't have the money in his account?
  3. I think so. It is a bit of mystery to me. It came with a message that said something along the lines of 'we (Paypal) will continue to make efforts to recover the full amount for you from the seller' - I'm not holding my breath though!
  4. Glad you got some money back so I guess it kind of has a happy ending, its so annoying though that you can't get it all back!
  5. I am so happy it worked in your favor and the buyer was suspended!
  6. So glad you got something back. Bravo to you for following thru and not giving up.
  7. so glad it worked out in your favor. sorry you didn't get it all back though. can your credit card company help you out with the rest?
  8. ^^ Yes, if you paid by credit card, call them up and tell them to get the rest back for you. You won the claim, you are fully entitled to the whole amount of money back. Paypal makes me so angry with their oh we'll try to get all your money back spiel. They have the resources to refund you fully, they just don't want to. Definently follow up with this! Good luck!
  9. I will do it in the morning! Thanks again for the encouragement and information . . .