Huntington vs. Bindi Poll


Which 2 Sunglasses should I buy?

  1. Bindi Ivory

  2. Bindi Noir

  3. Bindi Tortoise

  4. SS06 Huntington

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Huntington
    Bindi Ivory
    Bindi Noir

    Bindi Tortoise

  2. I'll leave this one open. . . but you started a LOT of threads, all about the same thing.
    We do not allow any duplicates at all, the rest will be closed.
    Thanks and good luck!
  3. For a guy, I like the Huntington's. :yes:
  4. Def Huntington!
  5. My vote is for the Huntington!
  6. Black Bindis!
  7. the huntington for shizzles. :smile: :smile: I do not care for the bindis. they are "trying too hard" to be futuristic. huntingtons have classic appeal.
  8. BOYO! those huntingtons are HOTT with a capital TT!!@W@