1. hello i was wondering if someone could guide me here.

    a female friend of mine mentioned she'd love this bag. all she mentioned was it's a dark brown chloe paddington. then later on referring to it as chocolate. and having a padlock. and not being 'the shiney one'?

    now i've been searching for months.

    it seems there are a few dark brown chloe Paddington’s flying about.

    i've narrowed it down i think i found this which is not a mini thing or a massive bag thing it's kind of in the middle i think (i have no clue) ::: shopping on line

    could anyone here tell me if this is a genuine place? or even another colour?

    i was hoping to get it for a christmas present and wouldn't like to mention specifics as a giveaway.

    also i'm in the uk.

    thank you

  2. Luisaviroma sels authentic stuff and they're reputable and fast, I've bought from them and everything went perfectly:yes:
    The link you posted shows a regular sized paddington and that's the most popular size - I bet it's the size she wants, not too small/large.

    Chloe has also some other brown shades too so I would email them before buying to confirm this one is definitely chocolate - not a colour called brun (as it sounds like the chocolate is the one she wants;) )
  3. hi,
    yes, luisaviaroma is an authentic site, also Net-A-Porter, and others.
    try reading the "chloe shopping" subforum for some suggestions?
    there's also a chloe reference subforum, that has colours you can look at.
    - both are subforums of the Chloe forum. have a browse around there..

    paddingtons come in normal leather or metallic leather, obviously your friend means the normal leather.

    some colours which might fit the bill are chocolate, brun (or tobacco). (these are all v similar to my eye, if not exactly the same, but i don't know much about the dark brown colour range). but the one you've linked to looks exactly suitable for her description.

    and the item you've linked to, is the normal paddington satchel, sometimes known as medium. it's the one most commonly seen/sold/referred to.

    and, all paddingtons have the padlock.

    so, it looks like you've found the exact right item =)
  4. whoa reputable and fast that's fantastic thank you so much!

    hi hellooholly they all have a padlock? is there money inside? thank you for the directions i will check out the subforums.

    +sonja+ thank you i am putting my trust in you that this is the size she wants
    if it's not i will cry

    thank you also for the colour tip

    thank you so much for your time i hope i haven't been a pest i very much appreciate it

    paddington medium satchel normal leather chocolate it is ;)
  5. yes - all Chloe paddingtons have padlocks! :yes:

    I'm sure that lucky lady will be :yahoo: when she opens the box on christmas and gets her dream bag - btw luisaviaroma packs their items nicely in a stylish box with silk ribbon ;)
  6. Hehe! I'm late to this thread but I wanted to chime in - ITA with Sonja! :yes: Your friend is going to LOVE you!! What a Christmas gift!! :nuts: IMHO chocolate is the prettiest brown Chloe makes. :love: It's a very rich color with burgundy tones in the sunlight. I attached a picture of mine to give you a better idea of what it looks like (LVR's picture makes it look a little darker than it is in person.)
  7. hello again i hope you are all well

    can i ask do all paddingtons come with a key?

    only that one i did order from LVR didn't come with one

    also the padlock is scratched what should i do?

    help please
  8. UMm, yes, they should definitely come w/ a key.. Call them ASAP.

    The padlock being scratched is w/in the nature of the bag.

    But the key is definitely a main piece of the paddy aside from the lock
  9. I agree with D & G:yes:

    The recipient will be one lucky lady this xmas!!:yes:
  10. hi D & G rockstar thank you and chicky

    has this happened to anyone before?

    i can't afford to call them. emailed on the 14th and had no reply until yesterday. they said "I believe it has to do with a NEW KEY FOR YOUR Paddington…."

    ?? i rang them yesterday but after waiting 5minutes i ran out of credit. i can't afford to call them again it's mad the cost of it and feel a bit lost as i don't think they beleive me has anyone had this happen before?

    i can't give this as a gift without the key can i?
  11. Dont call them on a mobile! Ring from a landline...

    You need to get this sorted though, the paddington should definately have a key! Has it got the leather strap the key should hang from?
  12. no leather strap it looks like it ties on in the picture does it? or is attached?

    it's not my landline i'll have to pay for their mistake it's not right i should have to call them or am i wrong? i waited over ten minutes when i last rang
  13. Well I dont know how else you will sort it out if you dont call.....maybe ask them if they can refund your shipping costs? Its worth a try!

    I have had to call the US on many occasions about lost orders etc - unfortunately its just life :sad:
  14. okey thank you

    i'm sorry you've been through the same missbradshaw
  15. I have to say LVR are normally good on their customer service..