Hunting the elusive Poret ( and other vintage scarves)

  1. Ladies,

    I am a huge fan or Xavier De Poret's scarves. I currently have the Greyhounds re-issue and Les Poulains. I am hunting for two more extremely rare vintage scarves by him. I was wondering if anyone could post recommendations on where to find vintage scarves ( besides L-Z and eBay).

    Any help is extremely appreciated.
  2. Resurrecting this ....
    Having just done a search on Xavier de Poret this is the most relevant thread, however, i can't get anything useful from either of those links, is it because of the timelapse etc ????

    I have one of his designs and wanted to know more.
  3. This auction house :
  4. I have been trying to find images and/or members who have this colourway of The Parakeets ....
  5. It's not easy to find these..
    BUT, you can use eBay save-search option which will notify you when any item is added which got any of the keywords of the item you want, easiest way..