Hunting Pochette Felicie


Apr 11, 2017
Hi everyone, i am in a hunt for a pre-loved Pochette Felicie. Been searching for a week now but to no avail. Ebay's prices are almost the same as the store prices. TIA!


Dec 15, 2012
Bay Area
I was lusting after this bag awhile ago. I placed myself on a wait list to no avail and constant website stalking. Saw a pre loved Felicie in one of the Facebook LV groups recently - $1,899. That seems high compared to the list price of $1,140.
Oct 2, 2008
I very much doubt you'll find a pre-owned Felicie at a great price any time soon unless you get lucky with a mislabeled eBay listing just because it's in such high demand. There's a waiting list for it that's pretty long--- especially if you're looking for it in monogram. They occasionally show up on the website but it's sporadic and it's almost always gone again.

Even if you're willing to buy the Felicie without its inserts, you'll probably only save $100-150 off the retail price. And that's $100-150 off a bag that is still USED and missing its KEY components.

If you're really wanting it, I would just buckle down and buy it at full price through the LV store. You won't save much by buying it pre-owned, and by buying it through LV, you'll know you can exchange it if there are any flaws to it at all
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