HUNTING HENRI - Newbie Questions

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    Hi ladies... I ran across a thread yesterday comparing Chloe, Bal, and RM leather. Having owned Chloe and Bal (my fav), I decided to research RM.

    Have decided that HENRI might be what I need.... QUESTIONS....

    What colors does it come in?
    Was this an 08 bag?
    How is the leather quality for the HENRI year(s) of manufacture?
    Can HENRI still be found new, or mostly just pre-owned on ebay, Bonz, ecrater?

    2 other questions plz....

    Matinee does NOT have a long shoulder strap.. correct?

    Does RM have an AT thread for bag authentication??

  2. I'll answer what I can. (Please correct me if I am wrong!)

    What colors does it come in?
    Forest Green, Iris, Black and dark brown.

    Can HENRI still be found new, or mostly just pre-owned on ebay, Bonz, ecrater?
    Don't think you can find it new nowadays.... the auction sites are a good place to go to.

    Matinee does NOT have a long shoulder strap.. correct?
    Correct. But the handles are long enough for most people to sling their Matinees on their shoulders.

    Does RM have an AT thread for bag authentication??
    Well for now, there isn't any fake RMs around. Don't think this forum has one.
  3. I have a Deep Purple Henri. The leather on mine is soft and quite thick, a little prone to scratches, but they buff out very easily.
  4. There's a pre-loved Henri in dark brown on bonanzle!
  5. It also came in Cloud Grey, and I've seen Green Dot and White w/Croc trim, though those two might have been samples/rare.
  6. Thank ya'll :flowers: for all the responses.

    Thus far, of the colors, I would only be interested in black, white or grey. There is a cloud grey on ebay, however, description says "brownish grey",|66%3A1|39%3A1|293%3A2|294%3A25

    but I have seen several photos of cloud grey ON PF that look GREY, not brown. SO.. for those who OWN cloud grey, is it grey or brown/grey?? I do not want anything "brown" at all.

    I am amazed their are no RM fakes! How fabulous is this!!
  7. ^Opinions vary on the Cloud Grey....mine looks taupeish-grey and definitely has a hint of brown, but I know others who say theirs don't have any brown in it. We like to say that it should have been called "Elephant Grey" because it resembles elephant skin!

    If you don't want to gamble on CG, then Noir (black) is your best bet. I know there is a white/white croc Henri, but I think it's pretty rare.
  8. I love the cloud grey color, and there is a Henri on ebay in that color at the moment. I think when CG gets too much sun exposure it tends to get brown. If you can keep that from happening, it's a great color.The one on ebay is new, so it is still the original grey color.

    Now since you like the Henri, you probably will like the Matinee too! The Mattie doesn't have a long strap, but you can put it on your shoulder better than the MA bags. The matinee bags this coming out for fall remind me of the Bal Twiggy, partly because of the tassels.
  9. I think the iris/lizard trim Henri is the best combo i've seen this bag in!
  10. And I DO like the Mattie style... VERY much. BUT, the long shoulder strap is a MUST, which is why Henri is so attractive. I have been hunting an odler BAL twiggy forever. Like that style very much also...
  11. Hi EM!!

    So nice to see you on this side of the PF! I think you will like RM leathers although it can be a bit of a trial an error process like choosing a Bal bag/ leather can be. So please have patience and don't give up if the 1st one isn't for you.

    Having said that, I have two henri bags and I love them! Here is my reveal if you haven't seen it (I also have one in black)..

    The only thing is that deciding on the henri limits the number of leathers you can choose from since it was only made for a short time. I think some of RM's best leathers are the leight weight lamb such as the leathers available in the Henri but you also must experience her cow leathers as well.. they are so thick and break in beautifully!

    Hope you find something good!!
  12. HI there LR.. long time no see!

    Trust me, I have already stalked your Henri thread, more than once. I am really liking this style bag, a bit dismayed in the lack of color choices. I see a future of buying yet another black bag. The white on white CROC would be most intriguing to see.

    Calf leather was what I really like about some of my prior Chloe bags. Such fab leather the bovines can make!

    COLORS: Forest Green, Iris, Black, dark brown, white, cloud grey..?? Any others?

    THANKS to everyone else also for all the comments and advice.

  13. Here is more info on the colors (which I think are about it for this bag):

    Iris = Cow
    Forest Green = Cow
    Black = Lamb
    Dark Brown = Lamb
    Cloud Grey = Lamb

    ** white & green dot are sample bags I think, and I wouldn't try one of these for the first purchase, IMO.
  14. HM... so black or cloud grey.... hmmmmmm