hunting for vert gazon GH day...

  1. do you gals know anyshop still has the vert gazon GH day ? I tried aloharag.. i believe the sold out....

    thanks a lot :yahoo:
  2. I think there is one on eBay, being sold by realdealcollections.
  3. Bal NYC has it as of the 10th
  4. I was at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta on Friday and they had one.
  5. They had only one left yesterday which was on hold for someone to collect. If they had not by the end of the day, the bag was going to be released.

    I asked if they are getting more in and they said they are not expecting anymore deliveries.
  6. i jus emailed the eBay seller hope they ship to NZ.. do you think the bag is authentic ?

    tried balenciaga HK, only have vert gazon day in RH.. awaiting for aloha and LVR reply..
  7. If your referring to the one being sold by realdealcollections, then she is a purse forum member and has a balenciaga consignment shop. I've personally bought a mini twiggy from her and it was completely authentic.
  8. I emailed aloha rag yesterday to see what stock they had left, they sent me a picture of a gorgeous Vert Gazon GH Day.

    I'm assuming they still have it in stock? Below is the Day AR sent a pic of:
  9. I think that is not the day but the hobo? Pretty though!
  10. Yayyy! I have this hobo and it's a great bag! Get it! But if you wanted a day, it's a different shape.
  11. LVR didnt order the day this season
  12. Hmmm..that might've been a bit a mistake on their part...kind of like Aloha Rag stocking up on Vert D'eau and getting NONE of the aqua ...
  13. I'm in Milan for work, an honestly, no one ordered the acquamarine! SO strange. I too am looking for the vert gazon day gh, trying to find one here since I will be here through AUgust (cant fathom ordering it in America and it sitting with my curious parents until I get home).

    Yeah LVR never ordered the acquamarine, so they say. Aloha Rag doesnt seem to have it either.

    Anyway, best of luck on vert gazon, you will find it with enough calling!
  14. thanks.. i am still trying...