HUNTING FOR TRUFFLE CITY with Giant Hardware!!

Jan 6, 2008
Toronto, Canada
Hi ladies...I'm usually over in the Chanel forum but my designer bag obsession began with Balenciaga, I just slowed down because I purchased too many in a short period of time. But now I'm on the hunt for a beautiful brown bag and I think it needs to be a City in Truffle with either silver or gold GIANT hardware. Hoping someone can tell me they have seen one somewhere that I could call or order?? Thanks!!!


Apr 20, 2008
hi purplepinky... i just emailed aloha rag 5 days ago and they emailed me back with a list of colors they have available for the city bag. i believe they have the truffle in the giant gold hardware. as for its availability in stock today i'm not too sure. but that was 5 days ago. so maybe you can email them and see if they still have one in stock.
i just sort of stumbled upon this thread and thought i'd notify you. hope this helps.