Hunting for this Chloe, ANY?

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  1. Hi Ya !!!

    I am looking for this Chloe, can you ladies help me as to where I can get my hands on one of these. Also, do you know if it was or will be on sale?


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  2. This looks like a Victoria medium shoulder bag. It's a brand new bag from the fall/winter 2009 collection so I suppose it will not be on sale before 2010.
    The colour looks like tan to me.
  3. It is Victoria in Tan.
    Please check the winter 09/10 catalogue it is on
    It is beautiful
  4. I have never seen it but it´s gorgeous...I´m going to check the Chloe web right now...
  5. Thanks "Juda" - I went to and whoa...their new collection is to die for.

    Beautiful pieces of work.
  6. I saw this bag (2 different colors) last week at the South Coast Plaza Chloé store in Costa Mesa, CA. Not sure I remember the price right but I think it was around $1,350 or so. It was very light for a Chloé bag and can hold a lot. It's a new model so I doubt it's already on sale.
  7. It's on the Saks website for $1295. Beautiful bag, great price.
  8. I just went to Nordstrom at Natick collection in MA, it's there... the color so great. It's new , so there is not sale yet...maybe winter time or next year. Ask for Allie Hathaway , she can help.
  9. Thank you all so much. Yes it is new therefore will not be on sale soon. And when it does goes on sale, it will be all gone ;0(...wish I can afford to buy it now. But too deep of a pocket $. Oh well, if it meant for me then when sale do happen it will fall on my lap. Never hurt to dream, right? Ladies :yahoo: