hunting for rouge VIF bag! pls help!

  1. gals~

    I am hunting for rouge VIF either work/ city or weekender! pls let me know if you gals know which store have them at the moment and willing to ship to overseas!!

    I tried Aloha but they only have rouge in the first.
  2. Harrods had two days ago a rouge vif in part time. You should give them a call,maybe they received more sizes (0044 207 7301 234)
    Good luck
  3. call Barneys Chicago (i think..) i called yesterday to try to find rough city but they (one of the store, again, i called so many that i'm not sure which one) said they have only weekender
  4. Neiman Marcus at fashion valley mall in san diego had one two weeks ago when i went. i almost got it....but forced myself to part with the bag after gawking at it for so long for tuition bills are racking up. i think the SA was getting worried. anywho, call them to see if they still have it in the store! good luck with your search
  5. oh yeah, forgot to mention, its a rouge VIF city at Neimans