Hunting for Fox Bag Charm: Personal shopper in Mexico or Europe?

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  1. TPF friends - I placed an order with my SA for the Fox bag charm before launch but it was never fulfilled. They are sold out in the US, but plentiful in Europe and several in Mexico. Is it even an option to work with a personal shopper for shipment to the US? Does anyone have experience with this approach and/or contacts in these regions?

    The Fox has personal special meaning to me so I am willing to go this route if it’s an option.

  2. You could message some utubers (lvlocercc and Jerusha often use personal shoppers in Europe and could share info). There is one currently on eBay but way over retail.
    Good luck! It is a very cute charm and I hope you find it.
  3. Thank you so much! I will reach out to the ones you mentioned.