hunting for an Artsy


Sep 4, 2010
just wanted to share my frustrations with you all........ Saw the Artsy on here on that GORGEOUS navy blue leather...... and just had to have it.
went to my local LV, gave my credit card info and all, and they said they would call me if they got more in( they had one and it was on hold, already paid for by a cust.) i leave the store and they call me 2 min later, SA says....... were not getting anymore in. Call Walt whitman mall, they have 2...... i go back to the store..... walt whitmans are on hold too....... so she calls herald sq, cause it shows they have 2........ the woman says they HAVE ONE FOR SALE....... and i can do a phone order and have it shopped if i use my macy's card...... so i run home to get my macys card......
MACYS CARD IS EXPIRED as of end of October........ not pleased........
call back LV in herald square, SA is SO nasty with me on the phone telling me, no i cannot use another card, long story short, then she says she "misunderstood" and thought i was talking about the artsy in mono, and NO WAY do they have it in the leather for the "general public" those are only for "VIC" priority customers............ UGHHHHHHHHHHhh
i call my store back, and they told me a few other stores that supposedly have it but there are only FORTY EIGHT in the WHOLE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!
and basically they are all on reserve.......... WHYYYYYYYYYYY does LV do this to us...... and it makes me even more mad, because, some of the lucky 48 are going to get it, and then try to re sell on ebay for double the price, and not even enjoy the bag. UGH just so mad and frustrated....... needed to vent to people who would understand.
anyone know where i can snatch one of these bags up???? aha
Apr 11, 2008
I feel for your pain! I have been playing phone chase trying to get a hold of the Lumineuse PM in Niege (off-white). They told me they were supposed to get the bag today but they have not received any. I asked if they can check the inventory for other stores and she told me she did and none of the stores have it. Oh well!


Sep 27, 2008
Pittsburgh, PA
You may want to call your local LV and have the put you on a wait list. I did this and I received my lumineuse on Nov. 1st--My local LV only had 2 bags in stock---the ombre artsy and the ombre lumineuse and two of us had them reserved. I called my SA back in September to go on the list. Good Luck!! I know it is frustrating!!!


Sep 4, 2010
Haha I am on a waitlist at another store. And my store. Took me off the waitlist bc the manager said they are not getting anymore. They got ONE!


Oct 9, 2010
I saw one in Atlanta last Friday at the Saks LV. I don't know if it was on reserve for someone but the SA was showing them to me - 3 Artsy's, 3 different colors. I hope you can find one quickly! I know how frustrating that can be!


Dec 6, 2009
I know it is frustrating when you have your heart set on something. I have been asking about this collection since February when spy pics were leaked. As soon as my LV came out with a wait list in July I jumped on it. I do think LV should produce more but for those of us who have been waiting for the past nine months I do think it is fair that they hold them for the customers. I hope you gind yours soon.
Jun 5, 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio
I am sorry for your frustration. I hate that. This bag will be part of the regular line so therefore you will get one eventually. Actually all of the hype and then anticipation and the way this whole line was released kind of turned me off on the whole thing. But they will probably be able to find one for you I think.

kate xp

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Jul 23, 2008
It is frustrating. Which navy color? The lighter navy or the darker navy that is closer to black? I been to two LV store and they always seem to have infini (the darker navy).


life in mon mono
Aug 4, 2010
ok, so i saw the other thread saying you got it today. congrats btw. :smile: i'm very envious because i'm still waiting for my store to get a flamme artsy. maybe if i say it in this thread, i'll get the call soon too. *crosses fingers*