Hunting for a Croc JPG Kelly Pouchette

  1. I was quietly :shame: hunting for a croc JPG Kelly Pouchette and mentioned it a few weeks ago to a few tPFers. And honestly, it was at my back burner. But the moment I saw this >>>>


    Potiron's Chocolate Croc JPG Kelly Pouchette, I went on overdrive! I have been admiring the scales on Potiron's bag and I realised that a beauty of this small size must be made from the leather of a baby croc. What is the dimension across by the way? And is it right to assume that baby croc is softer than a full grown croc? Questions ..... Questions .... :love:
  2. THis is such a bloody gorgeous bag, MRSS.........I could so see you with one of these baby's. If I were you? I'd go into full over-drive to find one....
  3. mrssparkles, I was able to find several of these in the boutiques before Christmas. I did not buy ( left them for *you*) so, assuming they didn't ALL sell, you should be able to find one.

    It was my understanding that all were made with Niloticus....but, my information may not be correct??

    Potiron's is very beautiful!
  4. Susi, I hadn't started looking at Xmas. :sweatdrop: (At Xmas, I'd already busted my budget and was on austerity drive)

    I was told that Hermes made a lot of these in matte croc and also in lizard, and a glazed one (be it porosus or nilo) is hard to come by. (ooooo, Potiron, you are so lucky).

    But yes, it does come in porosus croc. Just rare.
  5. Gorgeous! I'd love to get one too.
  6. wow, i have never seen this bag before( that is probably because i am an LV girl at hear :love:).....................that is so cute!!
  7. MS- I just PM'd you. Thank you everyone. It was such a crazy purchase but when I saw it...I felt possessed! I think the whole cc transaction was a blur.

    Sorry for my ignorance..but can you tell if is porosus or niloticus by looking at it? I get so excited purchasing a bag I tend forget to ask the finer details...and the H receipts are lacking in info.

    As for the dimensions....I'll have to find a ruler and get back to you...
  8. Potiron.... post a picture of the Made in France Hermes sign and I can tell you ;)
  9. Thanks QM...gonna have to sneak a pic tomorrow...havent shown my BF yet...trying to break him in 1 clutch at a time :graucho:
  10. Potiron, where did you find it?

    Where there any of its brothers or sisters hanging out at the same time? I gotta have one too!!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :drool:
  11. potiron, look at the Hermes Paris Made in France embossing. If you see 2 dots ".." it's a nilo croc. If you see "^", it's a porosus croc.
  12. MrsS, I don't blame you -- that is one gorgeous bag.
  13. That is one beautiful treasure!
  14. That is one gorgeous bag!!
  15. I know! I know! After seeing the bag again in the AW2007 runway photos, it's even worse pining for one! And I'm thinking maybe there will be more supply later in the year as well?

    Question >> what colours in croc have you all seen in the JPG Kelly Pouchette?