Hunting down b-bags is stressful!!!

  1. I'm new to the b-bag addiction and it is seriously taking its toll on me! :hysteric: I have become an ebay stalker and I have gotten so excited about bags only to be dissapointed. :crybaby: I am really not used to this hunting process!! I previously hunted LV and it was SO much easier to find! I guess I just wasn't aware of the commitment it took to track down some of these older bags. :love:

    As a disclaimer, this is slightly tounge in cheek, I'm not overly stressed but I've been better!! :P :idea: :shame:
  2. K --- Hang in there... I know what you mean about the B-bag hunt. Sometimes it take a while before finding that elusive (fill in the blank) B-bag you are coveting. And finding it doesn't necessarily translate to actually get it either. LoL

    Besides the Magenta, is there anything else you're looking for?
  3. Well the magenta and the ever elusive eggplant! I think that would help me round out my colors for now. A turquoise would be nice too, as long as I'm dreaming!! :P
  4. Don't look at completed auctions ... that gets to be even more stressful ... like finding out I missed an eggplant weekender !!
  5. I'm looking as well for a magenta first or city in mint condition which is from Europe and it's hard work but I'm sure I'll find her one day. I don't mind waiting until next yera because winter is just around the corner and the magenta is more a summer bag to me.
    But I think the hunt is part of the fun and bbags are much harder to get than LVs which make them more worthy to me.
  6. I do think the hunt is part of the fun, but I guess I also like immediate gratification too much! If they weren't listing them on ebay it would be easier but they just keep popping up and I just keep missing them!!
  7. I don't think the hunt is fun at all. :crybaby: Not with all of the fakes all over the place. I think I am content with getting new ones as they come out unless I see a good deal and can have it authenticated here. I'm not that fond of the really bright colors for me. I love to see the pictures here, they are gorgeous, but just not on me. I would like a carmel with silver hardware and maybe a rose pink and of course the ever elusive flat brass, but I am not on real *hunt* for any of them. One day when I least expect it, they will pop up. :graucho:
  8. aaahhh, yes, the thrill of the hunt, I was just talking about that earlier with my friend Nanaz on the phone...last night I had trouble sleeping and so there I was at 2:30am on my self a Cornflower Makeup pouch, and saw the MAGENTA Purse on ebay, which I bid on and won a few hours ago..its all mine, mine, mine!...the thrill of the hunt...
  9. I would like a magenta box,but I think the Black should be first.
  10. I think too it's a bit stressful. Usually I like the thrill of the hunt but what b-bags are concerned it's a diffrent cup of tea. I agree with powderpuff that having so many fakes and stolen pics out there takes the fun away.
    I really want a 05 rouge city, purse, work, day...(from europe if possible)... but I'm really scared of getting scammed.And if one pops up once in a while knowing that I'm not the only one to look for that color, I won't have the time to make shure the auction is real before smbd else hits BIN.

    Poooor me!

    So I go with the new colors.