Hunting down a crocodile

  1. So I've decided I want a Croc Kelly. Deciding, apparently, is the easy part. More specifically, I want a 32cm in either Poudre, Beige Rose or Etoupe, which apparently makes the task even more challenging.

    Is this humanly possible? How best do I go about this? Am I setting myself for disappointment?

    How long, if I managed to get on the list, should I expect to wait? Should I try and luck it, hunting through boutiques for a few years? Should I consider the reseller route (I go to Tokyo and HK fairly often) or will I get majorly ripped off because of the rarity?? Or should I be a good girl and suck up to my local hermes sales person and eventually get on the list, wait three years and get the goods? Or should I order in Paris and save a fortune??

    How much should I expect to pay for this beauty?? $15K? $20K? $30K?

    Thanks for your help. I really would appreciate some exotic wisdom!
  2. Because the Poudre and Beige Rose are more rare, the reseller's route may be the best option since I don't think those shades are being made routinely at the moment. Another alternative would be to go to Paris directly, and try your luck at placing a special order there.

    In the U.S. a sellier 32cm Kelly was around $16,600 a few months ago--don't know if it was Porosus or Niloticus though. Porosus is very rare at the moment. When I was in Paris recently, a 32 sellier Nilo is around 12K Euros and in Porosus around 14K Euros.
  3. ^^ I second orchids completely.
  4. Thank you for your reply! Incredibly helpful.
  5. I third Orchids!

    I have a pending SO for a beige-rose croc Kelly....and have been told 'not yet' on availability by my store for quite a while, now. That possibly could be because I am insisting on Porosus Croc., and this is in scarce supply, at the moment.
  6. Blame the drought down under. The crocs there are not reproducing.
  7. I better go out and get those crocs mating. Maybe I could bring my own croc...? I live in croc territory ... That would be interesting!
  8. GF, you really should take a trip to paris and order it there -- by the time you mark it up into ozzie-dollars the trip will be paid for, PLUS you'll probably get it faster.
  9. annabella - are you a little flexible with your choice of color? coz from time to time, exotic kellys do pop up in boutiques randomly. be sure to let your SA know you desire one badly. I recently got a 28 kelly croc nilo and its almost US $ 20000 after taxes. I'm guessing the 32 kelly is about $ 2000 more than that and we're talking nilo not porosus! its insane!
  10. Insane! But goreous!
  11. When we were in paris my DH asked our sales rep (male) about a special order croc. He said they weren't taking SO croc at that time, this was in early march. (He would of ordered me a leather Birkin.) We bought several items from him, scarves, belts, ties, but no bags. He didn't know us from any previous visits, so we had no "pull". He also told us they would not order an lizard skin items either.
  12. ^^ Yes, that's right. FSH closed the list for exotic SOs but could still take orders for regular leathers.
  13. anna bella, I don't want to put a damper on your desire for croc (i love them too!) but MK has a pale beige croc bag, or did...and what was it listed for, something like 40k??? Those rarer ones will be quite high in price. Gorgeous - but really hard to find and $$$$$$$. Great taste.

  14. I'm with you, DQ, but apparently that colour is just not being produced, currently. For anyone, let alone non-VIP me!

    Something to do with the colour of skin they require for the lighter shades in croc........poohey, I say.
  15. gina, did Paris give an explanation why? It's a supply shortage or is there more to it?

    I'm thinking now, how soon will croc become available again, and if Paris will increase the price of croc bags, to make up for the whole time croc is not available!

    I dread the day a croc birkin costs close to double its price now!