Hunter Wellington Rainboots

  1. I am in the market for these lovely boots, but I have some questions for the people who own them. I was somewhat dismayed to find out that these boots are made in China, instead of Scotland and the whole process of making the boots is different. This different process makes the boots more susceptible to wear and tear. For those who own Hunter rainboots, are you happy with your boots? Do you notice any leaking or wearing down? Or any other problems besides the "blooming"? Would you buy them again or go with some other brand?
  2. I am happy with my Hunter wellies. I went through 2 pair of cheap rainboots and as someone that has to endure the New England weather in the wintertime, it was just not going well. I would buy them again. I've only experienced the blooming, but that's about it... no other problems.
  3. i love mine. they are comfy enough to wear with jeans tucked in or just socks. i didn't experience any of the blooming that a lot of ladies had problems with. they seem to have held up really well, i always clean them and wipe them down after i wear them..but then again, we don't get as much raid here.

    i just bought my second pair.
  4. I love mine. I haven't had blooming or any other problems. I pretty much wear them for yard work. The only maintenance I do on them is hose them off when I'm done working.
  5. I love my Hunters! I live in Chicago and they are basically the only shoes I wear all winter long. Snow, slush, blizzard, rain. I just moved to Chicago this year and I am originally from California, so the fact that I can wear these in the snow and not be cold (most of the time) is amazing. I have not noticed any leaking, tearing, or anything wrong with it. The only thing that one can tell it's a used pair is that my jeans stained the inside white part of the boots, other than that, it looks like I bought them yesterday.

    I would definitely buy Hunters again over another rain boot brand. I see these lasting forever. I bought another pair of Kate Spade rain boots, but the quality is not nearly as great. The Kate Spades were thin and not as sturdy.

    I would recommend you buy a glossy pair to avoid the blooming if you do not like the blooming.
  6. I have a lot of blooming (even on my glossy graphite pair), but I still love them. I use armor all wipes to wipe it away every month or so and then it's no big deal. There is a whole thread about things you can use to wipe them down.

    I really like mine, I even got a second pair because I liked the first pair so much. I probably don't need both, but I wear them anytime it is even remotely raining or snowing. The quality is really good and it keeps you completely dry.
  7. i just got mine two weeks ago....and it's raining i wore them.
    they LEAKED!!!!!
    am i the only lucky one who has this problem?? they are brand new...ugh.
    i called the store...i can bring them back for exchange a new pair but are the new pair is going to leak too??? ugh....i hate exchanging....waste of time.
  8. Love. I have the regular ones and they are so worth it. The blooming isn't that much of a problem for me either.
  9. I wish I could have the chance to find out if these are going to be problematic. I've had the black glossy ones for a month now and we've only had one day where it rained enough to wear them. We've moved into an early Spring here in the SE.:pout: Will definitely get more use out of them next Fall and Spring though when I move back to Europe. I was so excited to get more use out of them - they look great!:smile:
  10. Just want to update and say I bought a pair of Hunter 'Original Gloss' boots. I am 5' 4" and my feet are 23cm long. They fit perfectly into a pair of Hunter Youth Big Kids boots in size 6M (this size is equivalent to a woman's Size 8 and EU 38) I got it for a great price and am really happy with this purchase.[​IMG]
  11. Where did you buy the kids ones?? I'm 5'0", size 5 shoe, and I find the women's are too tall on me.
  12. I bought mine at Nordstroms but Zappos have them, for $75. If you wait until March 17-20, you can get 30% off at during the Gap Friends and Family sale. Piperlime also sells Hunter Youth boots for $75, but during the sale you can get them for $52.50. I think Youth Hunter boots would work for you.
  13. ^ I never thought to check out the youth sizes, that would have been a perfect deal. I am also 5'4" and wear 7 1/2 -8. I got the womens size 7 black high gloss and they are still a bit roomy with thick socks that I use for skiing. I paid full price at Zappos. I love their speedy shipping, but hate that they never have sales, well, I never seem to find any:huh:.
  14. Thank you soooo much for that suggestion! I just placed my order for a Youth 3M. I got the deal for $57 (Canadian) instead of $77. Can't wait for them to arrive.

    Thanks again!
  15. You are welcome! :hugs: