Hunter wellies

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  1. Martin + Osa stores are having a 30% off all footwear this weekend and they have a 30% off coupon. Since they carry Hunter wellies, originally $115, I got them for only $56 tonight! :yahoo: The coupon expires on Monday. I don't know when the show sale ends. The sales people at M+O are so super nice. They even spent 30 minutes polishing the gunk off the boots, and they had to search high and low for my boots b/c for some reason they weren't in the box. Now all I need are some wellie socks!
  2. Is this online or in stores only?
  3. I didn't find Hunter Wellies online
  4. In stores only - I don't think they carry the Hunter Wellies online.
  5. nope, I wish they did.:crybaby:
  6. If you know what color and size you need, I would call a store and ask them to help you locate them for you. They always offer to ship things free of charge for me when they don't have an item in my size and color.
  7. i've been contemplating getting a pair of hunters and i finally did thanks to this thread! i second the notion that martin+osa SAs are very nice! i actually called customer service first but the woman said she never came across hunter boots and suggested that i call back another time. so then, i actually just located the chicago store, got 2 results, and called the first one i saw. (maybe it's the one that brwneyedgrl purchased her boots from!) but they definitely had the hunter boots in stock and in a size 7. the 30% off shoe deal was still on according to the SA and they let me apply another 30% with the coupon i had. shipping was supposedly complementary but i suppose handling + tax had to be counted. so in the end, i paid a total of $61!!! what a steal!!

    btw, they only stock green and black i believe. i got a pair of green ones :smile:

    so ladies, give a store nearby a call to see if they have the boots in stock bc it's definitely not online!

    p.s. this is the best stress shopping deal i have ever come across during finals week, hahaha
  8. Congrats! I'm so glad you were able to score a pair. I got mine from the store at Woodfield, where they also had purple. I feel like I may have even saw red and/or yellow at one of their stores too.
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  10. Another possible option if you wear smaller sizes is to get the Hunter for kids boots. Zappos has them up to a kids 6 which is about a women's 7 for $59 ($53 if you don't mind lilac or hot pink) and free shipping :tup:. They're a little shorter than the original ones but I think they're perfect, especially if you don't want a rainboot that comes all the way up to your knee, or you're petite. I usually wear a size 7.5/8 and got the kids 6 which fits me with room to spare. There's also a fit guide on the Hunter website that you can use to make sure the sizing works.
  11. Brwneyedgrl, may I ask where you got the coupon? I see that it's one-time use only :sad:. I've purchased several times from M&O online and signed up for their mailing list, but so far haven't received any mailings...

    Thanks for letting us know about this deal!
  12. Thanks for the tip! I ended up getting the lilac pair (a color I've had my eye on when I first found out about Hunter wellies)...What a great deal! I got the kids 5. I own a pair of Tretorn rainboots...cozy + warm, but they are so heavy on my feet, by the end of the day i'm dragging the boots home. I know I will get them super fast because zappos is awesome like that. can't wait!
  13. Yay! Glad to help. I actually got the lilac ones too and I love them. So light and comfy and Zappos sent them overnight.:yahoo:
  14. Well, the code I posted in my original is long expired. The current code for 30% off is 31200824, expiring on 12/14. I get coupons from them all the time through the mail and email. Did you check your spam folder? If all else fails, you can always google for online coupon codes. They are not unique one time only codes from what I can tell.