Hunter Tylo, Before & After !!

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  2. Which one is the new picture?
  3. I always thought she was STUNNING!!! WHY would she do this to herself?!:crybaby:
  4. Now she looks like Heidi Fliess.
  5. Who's the dude with her?
  6. She has been thru so much. Didnt she give birth to a SEVERLY deformed baby? Didnt that baby die? Or am I mistaken? She has always been so pretty. She looks like Kelly LeBrock now.
  7. oh my goodness - why would she do that to herself.....looks like shes been punched in the face a couple of times....
  8. I don't think the baby was severly deformed, but the baby did have some sort of medical condition. I think it resulted in the loss of one of her eyes. It was her daughter, if I'm not mistaken. I believe Isabella is her name. I always thought she was a beautiful woman, and didn't need any surgery.
  9. Guy in the photo is Ronn Moss. Co-star of hers on The Bold & The Beautiful.
  10. Wow...what people will do to theselves! She was a beauty.
  11. Yep your right. It was a severe form of rare cancer that resulted in her losing one or both of her eyes. Not sure which. Sad!
  12. I really don't know who she is. Which one was the before picture? I thought I remember hearing about her when Melrose Place was on. Didn't she lose her job because she got pregnant?
  13. Yes, she did then sued. She is the actress from the Bold & The Beautiful.
  14. I always thought she was so beautiful but I guess in Hollywood no matter how beautiful you are as you age you feel you need to keep up. I mean look at what Meg Ryan did with her plastic sugery, I can think of so many others too like Melaine's sad.
  15. i take it as the left pic is the after look? ever since i saw her on Days of our lives, i have always find her beautiful, and she never seemed to age. i read her book, Making a Miracle, she has gone thru alot, her marriage, her children, her career...she is a tough lady. there are many pictures of her and her family in the book, she was a pretty child herself and of course, her children are all beautiful. it was her other youngest daughter, Katya who had some kinda eye disease and had one eye removed.