Hunter & Jimmy Choo Crocodile Rainboots anyone?

  1. Ladies-- I bought the anthracite colored Jimmy Choo Hunter boots last year, and I just took them out-- as predicted they are covered in that white stuff! Turns out the special Hunter spray says 'not for metallic surfaces.' I already have the Hunter sponge but it's not sufficient for the huge amount of white gunk.

    Have any of you tried the spray on metallic hunters? I am a bit scared to but I don't see any alternatives?

    Any ideas?
  2. Wow yours look so clean & shiny even after a few weeks! It looks really nice.

    I have mine in navy blue. I'll spray armor all and buff with cloth now and them when it's really more white than blue croc-- but I'm ok with that. It'll get dirty with all the snow and salt and rain anyway.

  3. Glad you are enjoying your boots! So am I. I actually keep them right by the door. They are easy to pop on and off and are a must for the spring and fall seasons where I live. I'm not lying when I say these get regular rotation with my other shoes, just adore them!:smile: