Hunky FEDEX man arrived again.....

  1. It was a little like Christmas today.....I figure it's my gift to myself for having a teen and surviving the month of March so far....KWIM? :rolleyes:

    Fabby "En Duo" in blue/brown with contrast edge, "Pavements" in the black colorway (been looking for this one for a while now), sweet black/gold pochette and a glorious red "Champs de Courses" with contrast edge. My Longchamp special order came too which was a complete surprise 'cause I ordered it on Feb 27th!!!! It came really FAST!

    Heeheeeheee....I've been playing with my scarves while I should be working......ssshhhhhhh!
  2. Oh, that Pavements is gorgeous. Hey, don't feel bad. I'm typing in between writing charts. Mouse in left hand, pen in right.
  3. HG....I love that En Duo too......wearing it as we speak!
  4. Shopmom, I don't know what I'd do without you! I get to live vicariously and refine my endless lists of must-haves (which, until tax-time is over, are can't-haves). Say, did that Pavements come from a boutique? It's fabulous!
  5. Beautiful s'mom!!! What a nice collection there. :yes: :yes:

    The champs de course, it is a true red? And what color are the sketches?

    It is so pretty!

    The colors of the en duo are so wonderful, too....
    Congratulations to you, what a nice way to start the week!
  6. LOVE the haul, D.....that pochette is gonna look FAB!
  7. Love the pavements....
    We are pochette twins!

  8. The "Pavement" is a beauty!

    I also love the Champs de Courses and I have it in the beige doré colorway.
  9. D - everything is just gorgeous!
  10. And here I thought based on the title of the tread we would get a strip tease going for the new H goodies... I think we need to recruit Mr Fed Ex into our unveiling threads...

    Nice haul there...The En Duo looks great in that colorway!!!
  11. OMG WHICH IS THE MOSIAC? sorry for the caps. it's stunning! i was just watching one like it on eBay.

    i LOVE the red one too! love them ALL!
  12. Drool. I love the En Duo and want it for a headscarf!
  13. Very Nice!! Congrats!! :heart:
  14. All sooooo beautiful, Shopmom. Love "en duo" in that colorway. Wear them all in good health.
  15. Beautiful Scarfs!!!

    I love them all but I want the Champs the Courses right now!!:p :yes: :love: :love:

    Where can I get it???? :nuts:

    SM you have such a great taste..I am learning little by little from you. :shame:

    Congratulation for your new gorgeous purchases!:yahoo: