Hungry for Red Tomato City with SGH. Show us!!!

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  1. Does anyone have this combo? GORGEOUS, show us your bag!:yes:
  2. Hi brunettetiger - I saw this picture of a Pussycat Doll on

    LOVE the SGH and Tomato combo!! :heart:

  3. ^ I love black/white stripes with red.:love: I also love navy with red. And white with red...and yellow with red...and brown with red...LOL.....
  4. lordguinny - which red did u get? I remember you talking about it somewhere that you wanted one this fall. You are a bbag and chloe icon - and seem to make very sensible and decisive choices!!!
  5. lordguinny I'm with you girl! Balenciaga makes the most delicious reds ever... I think red is classy with a touch of sass!
  6. Wow that tomato looks amazing in that shot. It looks almost like an 04 red in that particular picture....

    I love red leather and silver hardware.
  7. I love's definately on my list :smile:
  8. ooooh..... that tomato really is making me wanting to give up on 05 RT! Redney I think you should abandon your RT city or work and get this tomato baby :p! honestly your RTs are hideous, you should send them MY WAY :graucho:!