Hungover... but look so good!?

  1. Hey guys. I have this weird problem.... after a night of heavy drinking, I wake up feeling pretty awful, but my lips are red and skin is looking really flawless! What is up with this? Always always happens to me so I know for sure it's the drinking and lack of sleep that is helping my looks. Of course, the drinking takes its toll on the skin the day after and what not.

    Does this happen to anyone else? What is causing this? I really love how my lips look red afterwards - is it possible to achieve this effect without the drinking? Thanks!
  2. Uh, besides the drinking, are ya getting laid? Maybe that is why you look so good.
  3. Methinks it's not that your skin and lips look so great, it'sd the fact your eyes can't focus yet... so to you, you may look great, but in reality, you don't look good at all? Or has someone else (who wasn't having a massive handover too) told you how great you look? Oh, and it can't be the guy you wake up next to. ;)
  4. After i wake up from a night of heavy drinking, i just look/feel really really oily. I'm jealous!
  5. By healthy do you mean you look flushed? If so it's probably from broken/dilated capillaries...
  6. I can't answer your question, but alcohol is dehydrating, so eventually it will take a toll on your skin (rest of the body, too).
  7. Wow, I am sure many people wish that this happened to them too :amuse:

    Maybe your lipstick left its mark. My eye make up always looks like the perfect smoky eye if I wake up and did not wash it off :shrugs:
  8. Ahaha... Nope. Not the sex (doesn't happen much), not the makeup (loyal to Lancome Bi-facil), not even the unfocuses eyes either (I put on contacts and take a close look). Mmm... I was hoping it happend to other people too! But guess not...

    But that broken capillarie theory might be onto somewhere. My lips are red and plump the next morning (kind of like what I wish Lip Venom and Benetint would do), but soooo natural doesn't rub off for the whole day!
  9. Yup!! The red lips happens to me the next morning when I drink too :yes:

    Unfortunately my eyes are like sandpaper :push:

    But I agree: droken capilaries, swelling in your face that causes flushing is the most likely cause.
  10. i used to get those red lips after big nights out! i always thought it was weird. but the rest of my face looked terrible as one would expect.
  11. Man, you girls are lucky. I just look like a corpse--all pale, deep circles under my eyes.
  12. I know right! then you almost think about not washing it off:graucho: But better judgement kicks in.

    Well you are one lucky girl forever21, I just look like a mack truck hit me and that does not even include my hair:push: or the sticks and rocks in it, the road rash or the missing pieces of clothing. Good thing I quit drinking years ago!

  13. We must have partied together back in the day, and never realized it. :shame:
  14. lol you should start some sort of slogan 'Partying..makes strangers best friends...for a night':jammin:
  15. ^^^oh yeah! and I had a LOT of new best friends.
    I was such a happy drunk.