HUMONGOUS decision! Please help...Sunshine or not? Or MAHINA!?!


Nov 28, 2009
Hi All,

Before I start, I really apologize if I sound long-winded.

I am really in a dilemma now. Please help. Would really like to hear all opinions especially those who have the denim collection.

I have a Sunshine (Denim) waiting for me to say "yes, I will buy her!" by Sat but I am so worried about the patina (is that how we call it?) on the Sunshine.

Sunshine is rather dear. It is not very often I splurge that much money on a bag or rather I should say this will be the most expensive of my tiny collection.

I have the following LVs and you can see from my choice, they are "safe" colours that will not fade/change colour with time.

Monogram Coin pouch
Damier Speedy Wallet
Damier Speedy 30
Monogram Eva (yes it has the strap which will tan but I convinced myself that even if that does, I still have the gold chain)
Black Epi Noe

I actually set my mind on a Cheche Bohemain and place my reservation 2 months ago. a week ago, I happen to pop in LV and ask. And there was 2! But all reserved for clients. I was extremely upset. I told them when I made the reservation I was told I was the 2nd on list. How can they do this to me! All they can offer are apologies and that the clients were their VIC (or is it VIP clients). I cannot tell you how disappointed I was. The really lovely SA however saw that I had develop some liking for Sunshine and tracked it down for me and offer to transfer to the store and I can pop in and decide.

I wanted to wait for Cheche but I really think the chances are very slim. Sunshine is a very very pretty bag but the patina really is a show stopper for me.

And to add to all these, I am also very very in love with Mahina! but the price is really really...I can afford it but...whenever I want to splurge on a bag, I will be telling myself "that amount of money can give me a Europe holiday!"

I would really like to have a special edition LV bag. I guess when I was younger, I didn't have the means to buy them and so I make sure I work hard for every LV bag so that every time I look at it, there's a story for it.

Sorry once again for this lengthy post but I really want some advices/opinions.


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May 11, 2009
If you're worried about the patina on the sunshine then I say give it a miss.. it'll always bother you!

If there was really no way of getting a Cheche then get the Mahina, or if you really want to save your fund for an LE bag.. stalk any info on upcoming collections and get in quick on the reservation list! I enquired about my Eden speedy once I saw it on a blog! Told my SA and store manager (who obviously did not have a clue then) to keep a look out for it and let me know once they're taking wish lists ... HTH! :tup:


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Feb 12, 2007
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I say Sunshine. It's a limited edition so it will always be special.

It's a summer bag, the leather will look good with a tan and I love the denim. The bag is so unique. Go for it!


Feb 13, 2010
I prefer the look of Sunshine (especially the pink one) but I think Mahina would definitely wear a lot better, and probably not date as quickly either.


Jan 22, 2010
Los Angeles
Mahina! I feel when you spend that much money on a LE bag, it shouldn't change over time. My SA and I were actually talking about the amount of vachetta on the new show pieces, and she said she wouldn't buy it because what will it look like later on? Plus I'm not really a fan of the vachetta anyways so even though the Sunshine is beautiful I know I wouldn't like it later on, and I know you won't like it either. Get one of the LE Fall/Winter 2010 bags, those are STUNNING!


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Jul 9, 2008
Detroit, Michigan
Hi I am sorry but for 2k on a jean bag I would buy the new chanel large flap messenger at 1995. If you want to spend 2500-3000 on a handbag Mahina is a great choice if you can afford it and love it.

I do like the sunshine but you said you usually dont spend that much and IMO it is priced high for what it is.


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Aug 31, 2008
I am not a fan of the S/S collection this year as they are mostly fabric or denim bags. They are cute to look at but definitely will go out of style after a couple of months. And yes, I will not pay that much money for a denim bag. I would say go for the Mahina.