Hummm my NM deal went through. Does anyone have this bag?

  1. Getting caught up with the 'deals' on Chloe bags i.e. NM online, these past few days, I jumped at an opportunity impromptu. When I saw a gold metallic Betty Shopper in the mid 600's I sprung. You see I had a credit on my card from over paying so I knew I could get the purse in the mid 500's, such a deal?????

    Anyway after chastising myself for buying way too much these past few months (this will be my third Chloe since the end of December) I comforted myself with the idea that NM will probably pull the order out from underneath me. Well they didn't....I have comformation that the bag has been shipped. So I have mixed emotions.....yes sheer joy in getting another bag and then thoughts of being out of controll.

    Anyway it is what it is. I will see the bag physically, play with it and try it on. I really do love the gold because it's on the light side. Does anyone have this bag? Thoughts on it?
  2. Wow, 3 bags in 6 weeks, that's amazing! If you have the money, go for it. I like gold bags in the summer so I think you'll be happy.
  3. LOL! I do the same thing - get my sale goggles on and then have happy-trigger-finger remorse soon after!

    I made a Betty impulse purchase too and I still cannot believe how much I adore that bag - although it took me about a week to appreciate the differences from my other Chloe bags. I don't have the gold tote, but I saw an argent Betty recently and it's fabulous. Metallics are so hot it's sure to be a hit.... hope you like it, but at least from NM you can always return it!

    Will be looking for your report when she arrives :yes:
  4. If you got it for 60% off and you love it (very important), then keep it. That's a really good price. If you are "in like" but not "in love," then return it and put the money toward a bag you love.
  5. You got lucky to at least get the bag you ordered. I ordered 2 chloe bags from NM, one was missing a strap and the other wasn't even a chloe bag but had a dustbag and a tag.
  6. Gee Suze - why are you calling it a gold bag? I thought it was the ARGENT - which is a silver that has a slight yellowish cast. Almost like this coin I have left over from my Taiwan trip. In fact that's why I assumed the Chloe people named this color 'argent' - doesn't that mean money in French????

  7. Well NM said it was gold in the color description drop down box. Also it looked gold on my screen???? But hey if it's argent that's okay, actually BETTER!

  8. Whoa WHAT little lady..let's back up here. I haven't actually received the bag yet... gulp. All the things you say above are still be applicable to my situation. After all one has to wonder why the last one was soo cheap right? These thoughts are still in the back of my mind.

    If this bag is hokey I'll personally go to the NM in St. Louis (as if I could get someone else to do it:p ) and dump it off!
  9. Susie - email me the website picture so that I can check it out. I could have sworn it was argent. But maybe I am purse-hallucinating!

  10. In an effort to assuage my residual guilt, all the Chloe bags were on sale.:rolleyes:
  11. Love the metallics that chloe makes....hope you love and and provide us with some pics!
  12. NM is sending fedex back to pick up the incorrect bag in the chloe dustbag. I was so angry. I hope that this doesn't happen to you. The other chloe I am taking to the store in Atlanta to see if they will get it fixed. What a hassle.

  13. What has happened to you is so creepy. There are so many hurdles buying a bag on sale, online. First you have to find one that yanks your chain, then you have to commit to buy before someone snipes it out from underneath you, then you have to get your free shipping (natch!), then your order confirmation, then shipping confirmation and then finally a presentable bag.

    BTW which bag did NM send you instead of your Chloe? Did it even look remotely like the Chloe you were suppose to get?????:hysteric:
  14. Hey,
    Yes a deal is not always a deal. They bag they sent me was from Brazil and was a name that I've never heard of. Fed Ex came per NM today to pick it up. I did see some great bags today at NM but they were all full price. So for now I am just lusting for a white Edith Hobo that is the cutest bag ever.

  15. Argent means both 'silver' and 'money' in French (presumably, because money used to be made from silver). :yes:

    I think Chloe are referring to the colour of the metal, though.

    I have an 'argent' coloured bag and it's silver.