Hummingbird cake

  1. Hello, I live in the UK and once I tasted a delicious cake with bananas, pineapple, pecan nuts and cream frosting. Ive never seen one similar for sale in the UK. I believe its American and its called the Hummingbird cake. It was absolutely delicious.

    If anyone has this recipe, Id love to have it as its something Id like to recreate at home.

  2. Good luck ! sounds delicious. :idea:
  3. Thank you so much.

    Now I just have to convert the measurements into UK measurements.

    Cant wait to try it out :yes:
  4. That's a good recipe. Makes me want to make it tonight for my family.
  5. Thank you. That chart helps so much :yahoo:
  6. Let us know how it is when you make it...I wanna try it, but will wait till after I am settled in my new home.
  7. and here I thought it actually contained hummingbird, whew!
  8. mmm cake
  9. me too....i just read the horse thread and was scared to open this one.
    it sounds delicious! (the cake)
  10. I printed this off yesterday and gave it to my mom. She just had everybody over to have some of it and this is a great cake. Now I'll need to visit the Health and Fitness forum for some exercises to help me not to gain a bunch of weight from eating so much of it :p
  11. mmm. sounds good!