Humm, will a camera fit in a sling pack?

  1. I need something with a very long strap. I'm a bigger person and need something that will hold simply my drivers license, money, credit card and a camera. Will a camera fit in a sling pack?
  2. if it is a thin camera, yes, mine fits fine and it's about 2inches wide
  3. Depends on the camera.....I have a Fuji Fine Pix, and mine fits. If it's just a regular small camera, you should have no problem.
  4. I was able to carry all those things, plus sunglasses, when I used a swingpack in Disney World a few months ago.

    If it's not a huge camera, I think you should be fine.
  5. It's actually for Disney World :yahoo: My hubby just told me to book the last week of the free dining in September! I can't wait!

    It's not a small's a Cannon S1. Here is a pic,

  6. Bumping up hoping someone else will look and see if they think this would fit.
  7. We went to Disney in February and it was awesome (first time for my kids, ages 8 and 5)! Didn't I read that you are also a fellow DISboarder?

    Anyway, my camera is a Canon Powershot A630.

    It's dimensions are roughly 4"L x 2.5"Hx1.75"D at it's thickest point. It fit just fine in my swingpack, and the size of the swingpack was perfect for me at Disney. I wore it cross-body pretty much the whole time.
  8. I would choose the small duffle with that camera, it can adjust to short or long unlike the super thin swing pack.
  9. Yep I'm on the Disboards as Jadenlayne (was Beauty for a very very long time.)

    I was looking at the Hippie Bag. I love it if I can find a used one at a reasonable price. So is the concensus that my camera would not fit in the swingpack? The swingpack would be much more reasonable in price.

    I'm going to search the small duffle too, I'm not familiar with that.
  10. Oh that's cute and the strap will be long enough to fit crossbody on a larger person? What is the retail? I'm going on another eBay search...LOL!
  11. Hey Beauty... I'm Drgnfly30 on the Dis:flowers:

    I have that camera, there's no way it'll fit in a swingpack.... a small duffle should work fine. I considered one for my trip in (yikes!) 12 days!! But I'm sticking with good ole reliable LL Bean Healthy bag for the parks and a cute Signature Stripe Demi for the nights that just me & DH go to the parks (he can lug the camera!)
  12. i agree, get the small duffel!
  13. Hi Drgnfly! I recognize the name!!!! 12 days, wow I know you are getting excited! I may just buy a swingpack and let DH lug the camera.....but I usually don't take many pictures if he has the camera. Not that I don't have a zillion anyway, LOL!
  14. I have to agree with the small duffle.

    The swingpack is THIN, no real depth to it, and your camera seems to be a fair bit bulkier than mine.