humiliated by ebay seller; read e-mail she wrote me!

  1. after negotiating back and forth to lower the price of a louis vuitton sophie from $995.00 to $895.00 (still outrageous! dosnt even have receipt, wont tell me where she bought it) i told this eBay seller that my bank account would not permit me to spend $995.00 on that bag. here is her reply:

    ..... Bank account has no funds? I would suggest you look in your bank account before starting negotiations w/sellers.
    12 emails later we are still at the square 1.

    and yes you can keep looking at the bag.

    Best regards,
    total shock, right? who in there right mind would even keep that damn auction in their my eBay list? not me! i want to see who will buy that bag from her. and my bank account has plenty more, but just not to spend on a sophie. maybe shes just frustrated that no one is buying the bag? anywho, wasnt that rude?:tdown:
  2. I'm confused, you negotiated with her, agreed on a price and agreed to buy the bag, then told her your bank account would not permit it?
  3. i told her that would prefer to pay the full transaction on eBay and then have her refund the $100.00 to me. but she said since she would have to pay the ebay fees, she rather that i pay her the $895.00 privatley on paypal. so i couldnt purchase it through the ebay auction if i wanted to save the $100.00 that's where the difficulties arose. i couldnt save the $100.00 unless i paid her privatley on paypal. no ebay envolvement. i wasnt ok with it and and so i pulled out. what did i do wrong?
  4. Yeah. I'm confused too.
  5. Hmm, didn't think you would still try for this one since it's double the original retail. $895 is still MUCH too much to pay for this bag, trust me, you WILL regret it. :hrmm:

    Anyway I don't know why she wouldn't do the deal on ebay but whatever. Again, just WAIT for another Sophie! They WILL appear, you just have to be patient. :yes:
  6. You did the right thing by not going through with the transaction. You would have had no protection from Ebay (what little there is) if anything went wrong. The seller could've ended the listing and do a BIN. Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be.
  7. Regardless if the price is too high, you asked her to lower the price $100, but she still has to pay the fees on that $100. So she's going to be annoyed about that. However, if no one has bid on it, I don't understand why she can't change the price on the listing.
  8. Run Forest run!
  9. I don't quite understand what happened but the email was rude - I would report her for trying to do a sale without Ebay (it's against ebay rules) - normally I wouldn't say report it - but if she's being a b$tch then I would.
    Also - doesn't matter if she has to pay fees - she should think about that before she put it for sale. I never charge handling or fees - that's always my responsiblity as the seller - not the buyers.
  10. That message was really rude and plus most banks have a daily spending limit on the accounts.

    but for something that expensive, it's better to pay with a credit card through paypal just in case you do need to file a chargeback for whatever reason it may be.

  11. the seller offered her 100$ off the price is she paid outside of ebay... she didnt ask for 100$ off
  12. I got that from her second post "i told her that would prefer to pay the full transaction on ebay and then have her refund the $100.00 to me." I was just saying based on the buyer's proposal, it was $100 off for the buyer, but still at the original price for the seller on the fees.
  13. I am not sure I get the situation, but I can empathize a bit with the seller if, after 12 emails negotiating, she thinks you are telling her you don't have the money.
  14. There seem to be two sides to this story...I have sold and purchased high end bags on ebay and can, frankly, understand the seller's frustration as much as the buyers on this one. Best to both end it and walk away. I don't even think she was that rude honestly. It is not so easy for legit (if she is one) sellers nowadays.
  15. thanks for your helpful opinions. i guess i can see why she got upset. i used the bank account line more as a figure of speech, as if to say what was stopping me. inthe end, it was all just a big misunderstanding. im still a little offended as this is my first heated exchange with an ebay seller. and i really want that bag! but ive learned from it and can move on now! thanks again for the posts!:okay: