Humid weather and Hair...UGH

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  1. What hair products would you suggest in humid weather?

    I have straight hair and as soon as I get it perfect I will step out side and it gets so frizzy! :Push: Nothing I do afterwards (short of putting my hair up) will make it stay down.

    I just want to keep that beautiful straight, silky look without weighing down my hair. Any suggestions?
  2. I have the same problem, its been soooo humid in Dallas this awful! I haven't found the right product yet so I either wear my hair wavy or up.
  3. Yes, same thing to me..... I have fine and thin hair, altho I got a Japanese body perm, my bangs still fall flat as soon as I stepped outside. The perm gets frizzy. I hate it. I envy ppl with thick hair and full of volume, the hair still looks damned gorgeous after hours of sweat. HELP !!!! I've tried Kerastase, Purology, etc.....
  4. I feel your pain girls ^^^...and I live in Seattle. :excl: most days, i'm in love with my hair, but a small amount of precipitation make it really, i guess i've lived with it - i just don't leave the house without clips or hair ties.. :P i hope someone can give us some hope..
  5. i have my hair thermal reconditioned - the japanese straightening method, but there are other methods that don't pull all the curl out and the growing out is easier. Ruskstr8 done at the salon works well for the summer humidity and by fall it will probably have disappeared. when i wore my hair curly there was a site called where you might find some advice.
    good luck - frizz is soooo hard to deal with!
  6. I usually use a flat iron spray (Straight Sexy Hair or Rusk Str8 Shine Spray) with my Chi to straighten my hair and then finish it off with a light mist of hair spray. This usually keeps my hair from getting as frizzy for a decent amount of time. Wearing a scarf as a headband helps too.
  7. I've tried almost ALL in order to keep my flat-ironed hair non-frizzy but nothing seems to work!! Eventually my hairline will curl up and such... please give us more ideas! LOL
  8. I live in a humid area and fight the frizzies 4 months a year. Hate the friz!

    Friz Eeze products directly address this problem. Find them at your drugstore.

    Their frizz serum is the best. I've tried the after-shampoo conditioner. Not so good. I won't buy it again. But the serum really works.

    I used to use semipermanant hair color. Inside those boxes were little tubes of conditioner. A little dab of that conditioner would smooth out all frizzies and tangles.

    Does anyone know a stand-alone conditioner that can give me that benefit?

    Say yes and post, please!!!!
  9. I have the exact same problems. KY is in the middle of this huge drought right now so everything is dry an mucky. Keeping a girls hair lookin good is the last thing on the weathers mind right hair is naturally wavy and when I straighten it it takes about 4 seconds for it to start kinking up on me. So when it's an extra hot day, I just let my hair go natural, which is all over the place anyway, very Julia in "Pretty Woman" only not red...and it seems to work. So I'm sorry I can't help you...but I feel your pain!

  10. Try ''Redken'' outshine polishing milk..I use it and love it. I got it at a hair salon..cost me $14.95..well worth it!
  11. hmm .. usually if you are using a great flat iron, it should stay pretty flat. [ hai or chi, i recommend! ] - also before flat ironing use hairspray, a light one with touchable hold [ i use sebastian shaper plus, on my clients ] .. it helps the hair stay smoother and also provides a little hold to help "hold" that hair straight.

    .. also it's great to use a whole line of a product. think, smoothing, or straigtening.

    u want to use the same shampoo, conditioner, some sort of smoothing gel, and a finishing product - all geared towards smoothing. [ pureology / schwarkopf .. are a couple of my favs. ]

    Biosilk is a fabulous smoothing finishing product, just don't over use .. it might make hair too oily.

    .. that's my best recommendation! ;]
  12. I dont know if someone else said this or not but for a quick fix what I do is take a lint slip(the things you put in your dryer)and just rub it on the flyaways and they go down!

  13. Hmmm, never heard of that..but I'll def. give it a try! Thanks! ;)