Humbled by Hermés

  1. I´m the kind of person who does research before committing to a brand. If I like some designs but don´t feel like doing research, I feel like that brand has not got it for me.

    Around November I started lingering more and more on the H subforum just trying to tell the styles apart (Hac´s and Birkins looked identical in the beginning!) and researching the colours, leathers, prices and availabilities.

    I realized that I could actually afford H too, if I´d be more consistent with my savings and not buying everything I find just because "it had a good price". Considering purchases more on terms of "what I need, would I actually use it? What about the quality/craftsmanship?"

    I feel like I´ve been humbled by H. I´ve grown up if you will, on terms of buying. I don´t go around buying like a headless chicken anymore just because of a brand, I ponder things carefully now, I feel more.. calm. I feel like you ladies have helped me with this transition to being, well a woman, instead of a girl and I want to thank you for it:heart:
  2. That is a beautiful message! I am so happy for you & can relate myself! I had a similar epiphany a few years ago!...not about H specifically! Just a general feeling of taking myself seriously.

    :heart::heart: back @ ya!
  3. I think your experience is something most women here who have not always had large amounts of disposable income can relate to. Hermes can be playful but it is definitely a grown up brand. It calls for discipline and an acceptance of delayed gratification. But the gratification comes and its feels good!
  4. i feel exactly the same here....
    i use to be 'a headless chicken' around everywhere....
    have never been so concentrated on one particular brand...
    this brand costs the most...but i enjoy most at the same time
    and i need to thank everyone here as well, you are so friendly, nice, sweet and knowledgable!
    thank you~
  5. Nola I hear ya! I am absolutely the same. Familiarizing myself more and more with the H brand has made me much more conscious of my spendings and somehow has created a new 'value for money' system for me. I feel also calmer and realize that Hermes IS affordable. I really feel that with H I get a bang for my buck.
  6. Nola, I enjoyed your lovely post. I agree it's much more satisfying to have fewer things of great quality...
  7. Nola.. I can't wait for you to post a pic of your first Hermes.. We will celebrate ............:heart:
  8. Well said Nola!! You've got there a bit faster than me, since I'm half a century old, but the importance is to get there!!:p
  9. What a wonderful message!

    I, too, use to be a headless chicken when it comes to shopping. But I've toned down alot! I can't justify buying lots of cheap things made poorly by workers who are paid poorly. It's so wrong. A documentary about how workers in China are treated opened my eyes and I've never turn back since.

    I have yet reach the "H" point in my life (maybe, next weekend).
  10. ^^I agree with everyone's post. In fact, the time I waited to get to the top of the list (to get my order taken to podium) was helpful to me because I got to really think about what I wanted in terms of color etc.
  11. ^^Wholeheartedly agree with your lovely post Nola--there are many of us former headless chickens here...myself included! :yes:
  12. Lovely post! And the same thing happened to me. SEEE, Dh, Hermes is SAVING me money... :p
  13. Beautifully said, NOLA! I've been a headless Chicken far longer than you but the light went on a few years ago and now I am much more focused on quality instead of quantity and it's made me a happier woman!!!! And better groomed!!!!!!
  14. Yup.. Its a matter of time :yes:

    I enjoyed reading your lovely post.. welcome to the H forum :heart:
  15. My first Hermes purchase was a bag. I quickly realized that the intial rush didn't vanish after several wearings. In fact, if I didn't have said bag with me I was a little depressed and "pining" for my bag. I tried to rotate other brands so I would be fair to all of my investments. But each time I used another brand my thoughts the entire time (even during romantic dinners with the hubby or in business meetings) were "Damn I wish I'd brought my Hermes". Since then, I've branched into scarves, wallets, bracelets, and most recently a belt. I can attest to the fact that having ANYTHING Hermes brings me the "lightness of being" that that intial Hermes bag did.

    I too feel more grown up in my choices. I have much more in common with my mother these days than my two older sisters do and I feel this is due to Hermes. The delayed gratification has become a sweet dance. Recently I went in to get something and my boutique had to bring it in from another store. It took 6 days. My husband even commented on the fact that I wasn't obsessively checking voicemail to see if it was in. The extra 6 days was no big deal and the wait was worth it. Everything Hermes is worth it.