Humble, but mine.. :)

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  1. I delect my first threat of my bags (for many reasons), so..Now I start over..

    I have no designer bags, no fakes, no ugly, no bags I´m embarrassed over - just mine and I want to share my humble, but growing collection.. :smile:

    mine1.JPG mine2.JPG mine3.JPG mine4.JPG

    Yesterday I nearly died from laughter when I wanted to take a picture of my wallet. Just look at it and I think you all can see why I always say I need a new one. No one in the world has a wallet like mine. Not fancy, but still kinda cool... :smile:


  2. Lovely Collection.
  3. Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing
  4. Very nice collection. I like the red bag a lot!!
  5. Great selection. Love to see the photos. Thanks for posting.
  6. Nice thanks for sharing!
  7. Super cute collection! That red B-bag is so pretty!
  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely collection
  9. Cool collection! I love the brown bag in the third picture!
  10. Love love LOVE the large brown one in the 2nd pic...what is that?

    Looking great!:biggrin:
  11. Thanks all... :smile:
    The brown bag in pics 2 is a Friis & Co bag..

  12. I like that bag too! :yes:
    Very nice collection, Ronja!
  13. Very nice collection ... love:love: your McQueen skull scarf avatar! I love that scarf ... I have the small black w/ white skulls and I look at it everyday, it's so soft and floaty!!
  14. You do!!!! I really want a scarf like that.. :smile: You can´t get it anywhere...

  15. Nice collection! thanks for sharing!!!
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