Human Resources People, I need your help!

  1. Can anyone in human resources please tell me what a "competition file" is? I inquired about a job I had applied for a few weeks ago to see if the position had been filled, and I was told that they were "still reviewing the competition file" and would be "shortlisting" candidates soon. What does that mean?
  2. Would think they are still sizing up your competition?? I'm NOT HR so just a guess. Not sure why they would have worded what they did in the way that they did.... :smile:
  3. Hi there

    I'm a recruiter - different recruiters use different terms - basically she is saying they are still assessing all candidates for the position and will decide who will move forward in the process to the next stage of their recruiting process.
  4. ^^^ITA with needanother!

    I've been working in corporate recruiting for large and small companies for over 13 years or so in both the US and Asia Pacific and have never heard of a "competiton file" before :confused1: but have heard of "shortlisting" - in other words, selecting the candidates they would like to interview for the job.

    Basically, they haven't decided whom to select from all of the resumes received.

    I wish my HR/Recruitment colleagues 'round the world wouldn't take so much time!!!

    Good luck! :flowers:
  5. Thanks, everyone, for your help!
    I'm from the USA but living in Canada, so I'm not used to the terms they use here! I just got my permanent residency a shor while ago, so I'm still learning the ropes and how they do things here.
    Until this week, I had never hear of a competition file in my life!
    Thanks for all your replies!
  6. Good luck...I hope you hear soon.