Human resources or Lawyers help??? (long)

  1. I recently found out that I was being written up for not letting a supervisor know that I am leaving for the day. There are times that I will say something, but 98% of the time I just clock out and leave. I looked over the company handbook numerous times and there is no where in there that states that I need to do so. So my question is, Can I be written up for this?

    I brought it to the attentiion of the HR manager and unfortunately he said he can't do anything about it, because I need to talk to the manager. The reason why I went straight to HR is because the supervisor and manager are close friends. Felt very unconfortable speaking to him knowing that they are close friends. Also the supervisor was speaking with HR or manager that he was going to cut my hours. and HR/Manager said isnt that retaliation... And he said yes...

    Is this herrasment??? what should i do???

    Also this supervisor i believe is working illeally in the US without any papers. HR manager mentioned to another person that it was in the past and he can not look into something from before he started. is that true? Do you know who to contact to report them or the company?
  2. I don't think you should have to tell anyone you are leaving and if your supervisor wanted you to do so, he/she should have said so. You could fight the writeup if you want to...not sure it's harassment but has anything else strange happened that would lead you to think that?

    Consider your actions carefully before you report this supervisor and your company for him being illegal. You need to be sure before you start slinging accusations..and don't do something because you're angry over the treatment you it because it's the right thing to do.
  3. Depending on your position within the company, it is your responsibility to let your manager or supervisor know that you are not going to be working your full hours for that day. I don't think it's harassment, though. You do not stay for your whole work day, so why should they pay you for the hours that you aren't there?? Doesn't make sense, does it? During the time that you aren't there, they could (theoretically) hire another person who will be able to do the work that you are unable to do when you leave early.

    And absolutely do not say anything about the possibility of your supervisor working illegally. You have no concrete proof and if you are wrong, you can pretty much guarantee yourself to be standing in the unemployment line not too much longer after you say something.
  4. i think it's just common sense to let your supervisor or manager know that you're taking off early. i've never known a job where someone was able to leave without letting anyone know. unless you're high up in a company.

    i suppose the proper thing for them to do was to give you warnings first, so maybe you could argue that point.

    and no it's not harrassment. if you're leaving early a lot then they probably feel you don't want as many hours as they're giving you and dont' want to give you as many hours as you want.
  5. ILuvShopping, I was thinking the same thing...It's just common sense!
  6. i just think about the complete hell i would get if i left either of my jobs before the time i was suppose to and didn't tell anyone! at my full time job i left about 3 min early and even got scolded for that!
  7. You were in the wrong, you should never leave early without asking. If one of my employees did that it would only be one time.
  8. looking at the OP's post again.. i guess it doesn't say that she leaves early.. just that she leaves... so maybe we're jumping to conclusions?
  9. If she is leaving for the day (ie. she has finished her ours) she shouldn't / isn't be required to notify a supervisor. She's only obligated to be there the times that were put on the time sheet for her
  10. I completely agree! I once got chewed out and nearly got written up because I punched in 2 minutes late twice (even though I was already there)
  11. exactly... hopefully she comes back soon to clear this up.
  12. when i leave its the time i am off. im required to work until 8:30am everyday and that is the time i get off work and clock out.
  13. ok! sorry we jumped to conclusions. that's just really weird they would write you up for something like that! i have never heard of such a thing. but yea.. if you're leaving at your correct time then you shouldn't have to tell them! Even if the supervisor and manager are good friends you should still talk to the manager.. someone has to have some smarts, hopefully. i still don't think it's harrassment but it's just very odd :confused1:
  14. Anna, since you're leaving at the correct time then there shouldn't be a problem - unless there's something you're supposed to give off before leaving, like a report on a patient (if you're a nurse), financial papers, etc.

    I would have a talk with your supervisor and manager about what behavior is expected of you regarding leaving to go home. Bring a copy of your employee manual and notify them that it states nowhere in the manual that you must check in with someone before leaving for the day.
  15. If you're not leaving early and leaving at the correct quiting time then they cannot write you up for anything and yes that is harassment!