Human 'pet' thrown off bus

  1. I think this girl has some real issues.,25197,23101884-12377,00.html

    From correspondents in London | January 24, 2008

    A BUS company has apologised to a woman who is led around on a lead by her boyfriend and describes herself as a human pet after one of its drivers threw her off a bus.

    Tasha Maltby, 19, told British newspapers she was the "pet" of her 25-year-old fiance Dani Graves.

    Pictures showed her dressed in black Gothic-style clothing with silver buckles on a silver chain - which the driver of a bus from the firm Arriva took exception to.

    She told the Daily Mail yesterday that she was thrown off and told: "We don't let freaks and dogs like you on."

    Arriva would not comment on specifics but said it apologised if the couple felt they had been discriminated against.

    However, it said the driver was worried about safety and the company had told Ms Maltby to take the leash off in the future.

    "We have spoken to the driver who has talked about health and safety," a spokesman said.

    "Should she be attached to a chain and something happens on the bus, that could be dangerous. All we are saying is that she is very welcome to use the buses but not when she is on her lead."

    Ms Maltby - who lives on state benefits and got engaged in November - said her choice of lifestyle might seem unusual but was harmless.

    "I am a pet," she told the Daily Mail.

    "I generally act animal-like and I lead a really easy life. I don't cook or clean and I don't go anywhere without Dani.

    "It might seem strange but it makes us both happy. It's my culture and my choice. It isn't hurting anyone."
  2. It isn't hurting anyone? She's on state aid. She can do what she wants but the whole "I have an easy life", right after the state aid part, kinda made me mad.
  3. Wow yeah, thats really scummy.
  4. that's sick. and weird..
  5. I have no problem with the leash thing. It's not MY cup of tea, but . . . whatever.

    I agree with the others when they say they're bothered by the fact that she's comfortable with solely relying on state benefits.
  6. The city bus is not the proper venue to carry out your fetishes. What's next, am I going to have to sit next to some pantless 50 year old guy in a dirty diaper because he says he is a baby?
  7. Yes- IMO it is unfortunately far too easy in UK to go onto benefits (unemployed with state aid) and stay on them for years and years. Our benefit budget is roughly the same as our education budget and our national health service budget (each in the region of 60 billion).
  8. £s that is (£60 billion)
  9. I have a problem with a couple of issues here:

    1: I am paying for her selected lifestyle through my taxes.
    2: It is not relationship - she is treated like an object - I am sure somewhere down the track she will claim that she has been in an abusive relationship and expect sympathy.
    3. What is her mental state to make statements such as "I generally act animal-like" and "I don't go anywhere without Dan" it doesn't appear to be a healthy outlook.
  10. These people live just a few miles away from me..... I'm so proud :rolleyes:

    Try working for a living then you'd have more to think about :cursing:
  11. There's more on them at the BBC including a video

    My first thought has to be that they are a pair of weirdos. Do think the bus driver completely overstepped the mark by refusing them on the bus, now the company has come up with the great excuse of "Health and Safety", man that phrase is starting to really irritate me :cursing:

    What's great about Britain is that she's probably on Incapacity benefit, claiming that she can't do anything on her own and will never have to work a day in her life. Makes me so proud.
  12. I want to see these people on the bus now!
  13. It is total attention seeking.
  14. I agree, I think ppl have some nerve on state aid, but can afford all the trappings of an S & M lifestyle!
  15. Weird & sick! Of course now she will have her state aid supplemented with a huge discrimination claim!