Hulk Hogan and family

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  1. Posted Nov 21st 2006 2:09PM by TMZ Staff

    .[​IMG]Hey Brooke, just because Star Jones backs something, it doesn't make it cool.

    Hulk Hogan's peroxide blonde daughter was spotted shopping for discount shoes at Payless. Perhaps the wannabe pop star's debut album, "Brooke Undiscovered," isn't doing as well as the Hogan clan had hoped.

    The reality "star" clearly has a look of "Well sh*t, you caught me" on her face as cameras snapped her shopping for lowbrow high heels.

    Well, Brooke, we're not sure what to say either!
  2. lol!
  3. *Sigh* Just because are star humbles themselves for a bit and doesn't spend millions of dollars on a pair of worthless shoes she's reduced to nothing in the public eye. Pitiful.
  4. she said on the radio recently that she wears a size 12, so maybe she has problems finding her size...

  5. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  6. I totally aqree! :yes: If she really does shop at Payless, I applaud her. At least she's real and down-to-earth, unlike most of those divas out there in Hollywood!
  7. :yes: I agree
  8. There is nothing wrong with shopping at Payless, they have some cute shoes sometimes.
  9. there are some cute shoes there. :yes:
  10. IMO payless has some cute shoes. they have this one pair of bow flats that I can't find anywhere else. :P and they carry big sizes and she, apparently, wears a size 12 or something.
  11. Amen!!
  12. According to her family and friends, Payless continued to be Selena's favorite shoe store, even when she became successful enough to shop wherever she liked.

    And her favorite restaurant was the Olive Garden.
  13. Shopping at payless doesn't make you down to earth, it just makes you cheap! :P :roflmfao:
  14. I'm not sure why TMZ thinks this is newsworthy. I misread it as "shoplifting" instead of "shopping" since that would actually be a catch, but not this?!
  15. Maybe she's as cheap as other women are when it comes to shoes. I know I am because I destroy them the first time I wear them. I bought a pair of Jessica Simpson patent pumps, and scuffed them by walking to my car when I first left the house in them. I'm hard on shoes, and to be honest, spending $100 on a pair of shoes, to me, is like dropping $3000 on a bag. I just can't justify it. Kudo's to Brooke for making celebrities look more like normal people.
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