Hulk and Wife Headed for Divorce Court!!!

  1. Hulk and Wife Headed for Divorce Court

    Posted Nov 23rd 2007 7:13PM by TMZ Staff
    Filed under: Celebrity Justice
    [​IMG]TMZ has obtained a document from the Pinellas County Court website which states that Hulk Hogan's wife has filed for divorce.

    According to the document, Linda Marie Bollea (Linda's married name) filed for divorce on Tuesday, November 20 against Terry Gene Bollea (the Hulk's legal name).

    The document we have does not state the reason for the divorce. The news first appeared on WTVT, the FOX affiliate in Tampa Bay, Fla.

    By now you know that last August, their son Nick Hogan crashed his Supra, and his passenger/good friend remains in a vegetative state. Prosecutors have filed reckless driving charges against Nick.
  2. that's so sad. At least on the show, the only reference I have, Terry is always trying to make her happy. I think she's too demanding sometimes...... poor guy has to still wrestle to pay for her extravagant lifestyle. I hope they can work it out. I do think they care for each other.
  3. ITA, but for some reason I feel like this is a setup because of what is going on with there sons legal issues.
  4. I hope they reconsider. I also think he really loves Linda .
  5. NOO!!!! My fav family!!!

    I love the Hogan family. :sad:

    I hope they stay together.
  6. I thought they would work it out... guess not.
  7. Oh I was really hoping they would be able to work it out. He is sooo in love with her.
  8. Thats too bad.
    I guess the "reality shows" curse has cross their path.
    Sad :sad:
  9. Wow...not surprised at all....
  10. This is not good news at all. why do people divorce for? I hope its not over the accident! this is a critical time for families to stick together
  11. omgosh so true..its so strange
  12. Such sad news...I hope they can work it out. :sad: I liked them together!
  13. :crybaby:
  14. So sad to hear that. I haven't watched the show in a while but they seem like decent people. But you never know what goes on behind the scenes and inside of people's heads.
  15. Wow, I hope they can fix it. I love Hulk Hogan (not love love, but I was somewhat of a fan of his since I was little because of my older brother).

    I must say though, Nick doesn't deserve to drive or own a fast car. He's got such a history of being a reckless driver. I feel bad for his friend that's now in a vegetative state because of his "need for speed".